2020 feels like it’s never ending!

I don’t know about you, but it’s been one thing after another in our lives. I mean life is hard as it is; and now with the world completely upside down; life is definitely a bit more chaotic! Besides that, with all the different opinions on how people are dealing with how to handle COVID it’s making for more confusion, anger, frustration, depression...

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m pretty sure I’ve felt every emotion possible during this “pandemic.” Do we go to church, do we wear a mask, and can we hug? We can play sports and be around tons of people in a grocery store, with complete strangers, but not be with our friends and family? I’m not going to get into my personal thoughts, but rather just write what I see of what’s going on around me. This is life right now and I definitely have had my ups and downs.

All that I can truly rely on is the knowledge that God is good and He knew all this was going to happen before it happened, and He has a plan for us. I wish I knew what that was and the patience to wait is completely wearing out.

I’ve cried out to God nightly and feel that He has remained quiet. But in my weakness He is strong, I know that He will work everything out for good, and that He loves us. In the meantime, I will try to work on being righteous, patient and joyful through all this. It is very hard to remain positive at times, but this is only for a season and we WILL get through it. I pray for everyone as they deal with this season in their own way.

On to the positive side of our continued tiny living…we are still living it! Since Brian lost his job in March and my business has been slow, we are thankful for the super low payments on our land and trailer. Brian has gotten some work from a friend in New Mexico, which has allowed us to still travel and have fun on the road! We get to head to Colorado for a second time this summer, and the boys have picked up a fly rod to try some new type of fishing. They were fortunate to have some lessons from our friend on fly fishing, so they can’t wait to go and try what they’ve learned in Colorado!

I am thankful for the friends and family around us that surround us with their love and encouragement. Tiny living may only be for a season (or actually, going on four years) but God knew what we needed at this time and place, and for that we will be thankful.

Love grows best in tiny spaces…

Still Here!
by Leyanne Enterline

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