Recently, an acquaintance sent me a text message: Now, there is hope. 


I remembered a time, several years ago, when I travailed in prayer with concern over a specific topic. Finally, I admitted to myself and Jesus, 


"I don't have any hope. Will you be my hope?"


This may sound like a perfectly contrived written story, but honestly, I opened my pink, well-worn, passed-down from my mother KJV Bible. The answer genially, assuredly wiped my eyes. I laughed! The words were luminous, a perfect response as though I had been conversing with a physical, wise friend who showed me clearly, in black-and-white. Jesus Christ . . . is our hope (please see 1 Timothy 1:1). 

Jesus is my hope. 

Hope is not in job security.

Hope is Jesus.

Hope is not in wearing a mask properly or social distancing in all places.

Hope is Jesus.

Hope is not positive affirmations that this day will be a good day.

Hope is Jesus.

Hope is not in getting an offer on the house.

Hope is Jesus.

Hope is not in a perfect plan.

Hope is Jesus.

Hope is not in having a vaccination.

Hope is Jesus.


Jesus is our only hope. Hope is His person. It is in knowing Him and being fully confident that He is who He says He is. He will do what He promised He would do. He will be with you and carry you where He has asked you to go. 


I pray that you would trust Him and rely on Him today, this week, this month as the only and authentic source of Hope. 

Curious about the rest of the conversation? Please add a comment or message me here. I'll share the rest of the story with my response.

In Hope We Trust
by Jennifer Lytle

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