Everyone has their own idea of what exercise it.  Some have a Peloton in their bedroom, others go to the gym or meet with friends to talk the trails, and still others move to the beat while watching a video on YouTube.  But have you thought about getting in the yard this month for your exercise?  Yes!  You’ll not only enjoy the cool breezes but you’ll get some much needed Vitamin D you need, now that winter is past.

Rake and bag – This involves arm movement and squats.  I just did this today, and I’m sore!  Sure, you can blow the leaves into the street or pay someone else to come and bag it up, but if you do it yourself, you’ll be good and tired and toned!

Dig and plant – Create a garden in your yard of herbs or vegetables and start digging and planting.  It’s great exercise to dig and it’s good finger movement to feel that soil between your fingers.  It’s also so satisfying, which is good for the heart, to see what you’ve accomplished when done!

Mow – Walking the yard, going back and forth, pushing and pulling, is SUCH great exercise.  Opt to not pay for lawn service, but rather mow the yard yourself, if you have the time.  It’s a once a week chore this time of year, so do it and wear that sunscreen and hat, and get those steps in!

Pull weeds – Be careful not to strain your back, but get you one of those tiny stools and sit to pull the weeds that now appear after the rains.  Do it on a day just after the drops fall, so that the weeds are loose and easy to pull up.  This is great for your biceps!

Snip and gather – Get out your snips and cut branches, and put them in vases inside your home.  Snip herbs and bundle them or chop them for that dish you’re making tonight.  If you use those big loppers, your arms will be tired and buff – after a few days and weeks of this activity.

Water your plants – Use a watering can or your hose, but move around and water and pour, and soak in some rays while you do.  Let the breezes blow through your hair, and observe nature in all of its beauty.  It will do your soul some good.

Create a garden – Buy a large pot, shop for 3-5 plants to arrange in the pot, then plant them at different heights, and place it in a prominent spot where you can see it daily.  This gets your brain and your ideas flowing, as you create a thing of life and beauty to gaze at daily, and this strengthens your vitality and will to live.

Okay, we’re not all going to have the time or motivation to do all of the above, but spring is the time to be active.  It’s not freezing any more, it’s not too hot for comfort, and it’s just right – for moving, planting, bending and pulling – all in balance as we stretch our muscles after a long winter’s break.

In the Yard
by Marcy Lytle

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