Belts and Bags
by Marcy Lytle

You know those cute little zipper makeup bags you can find in lots of stores?  If they’re colorful, small, and easy to snatch and take – then consider one for your larger purse or bag!  Then when you’re out and don’t want to carry the heavy bag, opt for the tiny one inside – one that holds just enough for a lunch or whatever… (not sure about the pic for this)  I’ve linked one from Amazon for your pleasure!

I see cute belts everywhere this season, and there are always cute bags, so that’s our focus this month.  It’s April, and a cute accessory might be just the boost our wardrobe needs.  And when we couple that with a new bag, we will be itching to hit the road for a little getaway somewhere to have fun.  Or at least we can start planning for one!

I found this pretty belt while vacationing, but I’ve seen similar ones around.  It’s so pretty and add some for to any loose-fitting top or dress that you have.  I’m styling it here with a black top over jeans, and then around a maxi dress to give it shape.  At the waist, we sometimes need a little something to remind us that we have a waist! I’ve found a link for a pretty one from Amazon.

Isn’t this bag fun with the city name on it?  I saw it at Marshalls and grabbed it.  I’m wondering if they have your city name on bags at your Marshalls?  If not, google your city, or buy a canvas bag and paint your own creation!  Bags like these are great for packing up books and magazines for a relaxing read in the park this spring season. I found a site that sells lots of city tote bags for your choosing!


I’ve had this bag for years, but I keep it – because it adds a pop of color.  And the chain is so fun. There are lots of chain bags this season.  Often, you can choose to use the chain strap or tuck it inside, and carry the purse like a clutch.  Either way looks great and is so fun!  I’ve linked one here that’s so cute, from Calvin Klein.

Same outfit – showcasing a new backpack I recently purchased at Marshalls.  But I’ve also linked a similar one here.  This is a great statement bag especially for spring road trips and weekend excursions.  I have loved mine so much.  There are so many zippers and pockets, even a side pocket for a water bottle.  It has straps to wear as a backpack, a tiny strap just for carrying, or one of the shoulder.  I’ve used all three!  LOVE IT so much (great for taking snacks to the movies, too.)


A skinny belt with an interesting buckle is a great piece to add over a tshirt, with the wider legged jeans.  Just make sure your tshirt is a little long and a little loose, then add the belt at the waist.  This gives your body shape, and it adds interest to the outfit!  I found one similar to the one I’m wearing -  you can order here!

No belt? No problem.  Just wear a button up shirt (buy it a speck big so you have room) and leave the bottom few buttons undone, and tie in a knot. If you opt for a longer shirt, then you have the back part still long.   It works.  And then carry that cute city bag, again…  This shirt is from Target.

Those wraps.  Maybe you don’t prefer a belt because you think you need to wear something loose.  A soft belt that comes with  a wrap is always a good option, especially while it’s still somewhat cool.  It’s non-restricting and adds a bit of shape and style.  This one is from Luxe Apothetique, but I’ve linked a blue one (they come in several colors!) from Target here.

Belts and bags make me happy, all kinds, shapes and sizes.  Wide rattan belts are great for spring.  I've even seen belts on bathing suits for summer, this next season.  Bags are necessary, for sure.  But they're also a fashion accessory we all need in multiple forms. Don't you agree?  Start shopping this spring...and enjoy the process and all of your  new looks!



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