If God gave us an adage for Himself what would He say? Would it be a phrase or a word? When it came time to start preparing this month’s column my husband came up with this idea. He said to me what about some of the descriptive words or phrases we use. He got this idea because I called him a “wibble wobble” one day. I will not say what I was thinking when that came out but that is where this column's idea came from.


Our family is a little odd, I guess. We use words in different ways to express what we are feeling. I am really good at this and have passed it down to my children. I say a word to replace the word I am thinking. That way what I say may be nicer than what is on my mind depending on the situation. Have you ever done this? 


Some of the words or phrases we use are real words, and some are made up, but they all have meaning to us. 

Some are encouraging like adages and some are used like idioms in a more figurative, sometimes sarcastic way. An example of this would be the idiom, “Out of sight, out of mind.” We have all probably used this one at some time, in some way, and sometimes we might even apply it to God. It simply means that we do not think about things that are not in our present view.


Also, during this time, I had the Bible verse Isaiah 60:22 brought to my attention. It says, “At the right time, I, the Lord, will make it happen,” (NLT). It is such a crazy and amazingly wonderful way God does this. I did not know it at the time, but between my husband’s idea for this column and hearing this verse, God was already making something happen. And it all fit into place in a way only God can do.


Not too long after my husband mentioned his idea, my daddy died. It was a blessing in disguise because my daddy had been sick and in a lot of pain. My son, Ryan, a pastor in Arlington, did the eulogy. He told of a remembrance about his grandpa. When Ryan was a child, he did like his mama and came up with his own expressive word, “Bukasika.” Its meaning was unknown, but it was an expressive exclamatory word and simply fun to say. When Grandpa would come to town, Ryan and his siblings would try to get him to say it, but Grandpa was forever mispronouncing this word. Sometimes I wondered if he was mispronouncing it on purpose. Either way, his saying it would make his grandkids laugh hysterically and after a few minutes he would be laughing with them. A popular adage says, “A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever.” Those memories with Grandpa will always live on.


God was giving me a blessing in disguise starting that day I called my husband a wibble wobble. In the next few weeks, He would make so much happen at the right time, including what my son said in his eulogy down to the completion of this column. Isn’t that just how our God works?! It is the gospel truth, and it does not take an act of God to notice His miraculous feats in our lives if we’re focused on looking for them.


I think a phrase or adage for God would simply be what we have already heard from Him when He said His expressive exclamation, “I am.” This phrase appears in the Bible over three hundred times starting in Genesis and ending in Revelation. And “I am” He is, everything, everywhere, all the time and He should never be out of sight, out of mind! Bukasika!

At the Right Time
by Carole Gilbert

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