We just had a birthday dinner for a 6-year old and I found napkins with sharks on them, and they said “you’re jawsome!”  They were so cute!  And I thought why not use that as the topic for April’s family devo, as we read the story of Jonah and the big fish and learn about the awesomeness of that tale! 

Preparation:  You’ll need paper and markers. You can use the photo of the napkin, if you want, to create a sign to invite the family to come to the table to learn!  And finally, goldfish, of course, is a great snack to enjoy while you learn.

Assign these items to be drawn:  A man, a big fish, a boat, storm clouds, an angry face, a heart, and a big “OK” on a page.  That’s seven items, to use as props for the story.

Jonah 1:3 says Jonah ran away from the Lord because the Lord asked him to do a hard thing.  Have you ever run away from mom/dad when asked to clean or eat something you hate on your plate?  (The man runs away)

A big storm blew up in the ship where Jonah was, and he went to sleep.  But some of the guys on the ship awakened him, and Jonah felt they should throw him overboard since he disobeyed, and the storm would calm down.  Isn’t that crazy?  (The boat rocks under the big storm clouds)

In chapter 2 Jonah prays from the belly of the big fish that swallowed him up, and God heard his prayer. And guess what?  The fish spewed Jonah out onto dry ground. (The big fish swallows the man, then chokes and the man lies on the ground)

This time when God spoke to Jonah, he obeyed and did what God asked him to do. (The man points to the OK sign)

Jonah’s obedience saved an entire group of people from destruction, because they believed in God when they heard Jonah’s message. (Hold up the heart – God’s love)

But Jonah was angry that the people repented, because he didn’t think they deserved God’s compassion. (Show the angry face).


What can we learn from this story in the book of Jonah?

God has compassion for all people, and we should too.  Jonah didn’t want to go tell the people of God’s love because he didn’t like those people.  When he disobeyed, bad things happened.  When he obeyed, good things happened – people loved God.

Let’s pray together as a family that when God speaks, we will obey.  When he tells us to love others, we will love them no matter who they are.  And when we obey, let’s ask God to bless those we bless, and for us to be happy about God’s blessings…not angry and run away


Everyone shout, “THAT’S JAWSOME!”

That's Jawsome
by Marcy Lytle

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