We decided to ask our panel of women to share heirlooms, treasures they have, with us.  Maybe you have some cool things that were passed down to you, or…you can look around and see what you can pass down to others.  A couple months ago, we shared a story about a nice neighbor that passed down piggy banks to the three little girls next door.  Those little piggies are sure to be treasures! 

Here are a few of the things we have that are fun and special:

Two of my favorite things are my teapot that belonged to my Nannie. It was given to her when she married my Granddad.


The other is the salt and pepper shaker babies that were on the baby shower cake when my Mom was pregnant with me. They are odd and not in the best of shape, but they're special. - Cathy

One of my favorite heirlooms is a set of small cookbooks that are really old.  There was an elderly woman in my church when I was a young teen, and when she died I received a set of these cookbooks.  I love looking at the images and the ingredients, and the wording.  And even better, I love choosing one of these heirloom recipes to try once in a while! (pictured at top of page) - Marcy



My most prized heirloom is a painting of my mother. She died when I was nine. When I was about ten years old, I took a road trip with her parents, my grandparents. One of the places we visited on that trip was Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It was such a magical place to me. I do not know why, maybe it was the beautiful scenery that seemed to whisk me away from my everyday worrisome thoughts, maybe it was the candy shop letting me pull taffy with them, or maybe it was just being with my grandparents. Whatever it was, that was a wonderful trip for me. While we were there, my grandmother had a picture of my mom painted by one of the sidewalk artists. It held a special place in my heart and still does. The artist was such a nice man and did a beautiful job on my mother’s portrait from a photograph my grandmother carried in her purse. I later inherited the painting. It reminds me of my mom and her beauty at thirty-two years old every time I look at it. It has moved around with me for many years. My house is filled with heirlooms, but this is the one I would not want to lose. - Carole

I am fortunate to have several items that have been passed down to me by my parents and grandparents. The heirlooms that are dearest to me are not the dining room furniture pieces or the china dishes but the faded worn quilts. The two quilts in the picture were hand-quilted by my grandmother. The one on the left was made with remnants of my uncle’s baby clothes and the one on the right with remnants of my mother’s baby clothes. He would have been 100 this year. She is 94. I curl up with my mother’s quilt on cold mornings for my early reading and prayer. I cannot help but be grateful as it provides warmth, brings me comfort, and reminds me that I am the product of generations of believers. - Shelley

I have my own heirloom given to me by my husband Brent when we got married.  He gave me a pair of pearl earrings and I think I have worn them – let’s say at least 5 days out of the week for 39 years.  We celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary this November so I will for sure be wearing them on 11-21-21.  So I guess either my daughter Sarah will inherit them or the first granddaughter to get married?  I had not thought of that possibility!  - Melissa

I have a cedar chest that my mother had before she married.  I am using it now to save memorabilia, some of my children’s baby clothes, old letters and photos. Also, I use my mother’s sewing machine when I sew. But on a daily basis, I use it as a vanity and put on my makeup. I hope that one of my two children, or another family member, will want to own these someday! - Anita

We were robbed years ago and an heirloom charm bracelet that was given to me by Mom was stolen.  So when my mom passed away a few years ago, all of the girls sat on Mom’s bed and looked through her beautiful array of costume jewelry.  I treasure several of those pieces; but  most of all, I love having her wedding rings.  I don’t wear them, but I have them in a special place, and I smile every time I open the drawer and view them, because I remember her beautiful hands!


Do you have something you love and think your kids or grandkids, or even a neighbor’s child, might appreciate and enjoy? If you tell the story of how you received it, how it’s brought joy to your life, that thankfulness and joy will be passed down along with the gift!  How cool is that?

by Marcy Lytle

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