We have a show we watch that’s probably our favorite – New Amsterdam.  It was off for over a year and recently started back up, and it’s full of current events – including the pandemic.  The setting is a hospital and the characters are so awesome, but the specific scene that really got me in the season opener in March was one that has stuck with me ever since I watched it.  My husband and I both teared up several times, but this one particular scene is the topic of my story…

The head doctor called several hospitals asking for a drug his hospital was running low on, a drug needed for their covid patients.  He called about four other friends at other hospitals asking for it, and they were also out – but they had other things like tubing, other drugs, etc. –none of which he needed.  He had finally given up when another friend called asking for a drug needed at her hospital, and the doctor was so excited because it was a drug he’d heard was available, so he made the connection.  In fact, over the course of a few minutes, he connected all of those friends with each other so that their needs were met – except his! The last lady that had called him got what she needed and he had never even asked her for the drug needed at his hospital, and come to find out – she had it!

The point of this connection story is that this doctor that runs the New Amsterdam Hospital was told there was no more of this specific medicine available anywhere, but he decided to ask anyway.  And in doing so, even after several “no” answers, he and five other hospitals shared their resources in ways that all of their needs were met.

The reason I teared up is that over the past year or so, I’ve talked with friends who feel the same way I do.  We feel disconnected, like not really reaching out to others, a sort of don’t-care attitude, because we’re all weary.  I think most of us feel we are the “only ones” with our specific feelings, so we don’t share them, and we certainly don’t ask for help.

But what if, just what if, we opened up and asked.  She might not relate, but she might know someone that does.  And when we talk to that someone, we just might have insight on what she needs.  Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?  We knock and doors are opened, we seek and we find, we ask and receive. 

But here we sit, lost in our frustration over what the past year has “done” to us all.  Everything normal is weird.  Shopping is different, we can’t have the intimacy we once had, faces are covered, our children have also been affected, and yes – people and friends have died!

I watched that three minute piece of a show and realized that we don’t all have to sit and become unable to function because we’re lacking whatever it is we need.  We have people we can ask.  There are churches still open with people ready to pray, we have friends that probably are waiting for a call just like we are, and it’s a lie that we are the only ones feeling the way we do.

I asked a friend to pray for me this morning and it turns out that she needed prayer, as well.  My niece’s little girl is in the hospital today and my niece sent out a message to our extended family to pray, because it’s hard to sit alone and wonder and wait.  I’ve had strangers I’ve never met, yet they are friends to me on social media, asking for prayer and praying for me!

We are made for connection, we are not made for lack, and resources are ours for the asking.  And when we do, connections are made that save lives and join us in gratefulness for a lifetime.

Go on.  Ask for help.  And receive it.  Then offer your help and receive an even greater blessing!  Be the umbrella for a friend or stand under hers, when you’re in a storm. 

Why Not Ask
by Marcy Lytle

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