We’re thinking that a bunch of families need some new game ideas, especially since we were all home so much in the past year and probably are gamed out!  We asked our moms of nine littles to share with us their favorite family games – either indoors or outdoors, purchased or made up, and we love what they all submitted.  Hope you do, as well, and find new inspiration for family game night.

Mom of Three

We have really gotten into playing board games now that our youngest and understand rules and read!  Two favorites are Life – the old version.  One fun thing is that there’s money involved and decisions have to be made – so we rotate the banker so they can learn!  The kids really like this game!  The second game is Clue.  My kids love a good mystery and love the idea of figuring it out.  It can be a little difficult with the youngest, but they all love guessing and engaging – we do too!  Our youngest recently won for the first time! 

When we have dinner, we like to play the question games we have collected from Chick Fil A  meals.  They are just “getting to know each other” questions.   We do these in the car too, on road trips.


Outside, we don’t have specific games, because we bike ride and walk.  But they do like Bocce Ball and Corn Hole, when the weather is nice.

One game we’ve made up – instead of playing Jenga with the blocks – we have to create something (like a dinosaur) out of the blocks.  This is fun and creative, to try and create an image with these blocks.  We also do that with the Magna Tiles, where one person gives a theme and we all have to create.  These are so fun!

Mom of Two

Games with a 2 year-old and a 4 year-old consist of made-up games and interactive “get your energy out” games. 

I’d say our top three are:

Hide and seek – This has been a favorite for the past year, especially for our 2-year old.  We pair up, one of counts to 10, and then we find the others.  This teaches us to be quiet when we’re hiding and it’s a lot of fun. 

Gymnastics circus – We set up a course, since our oldest has been in gymnastics.  We have something to jump over, a place to run and push the stroller, sit down and do a pike, jump on the sofa, run and toss a toy into a basket – all stations to get through.  This is entertaining and burns energy.  This is a great rainy day activity, for sure.

Chutes & Ladders, Candyland – These are good starters on board games for our little girls.  This teaches colors, how to count, etc.  The girls love both of these.

Mom of Four

Ticket to Ride is our favorite family board game.  The kids love it and we are all very competitive – deals in strategy and math. 


Another family favorite is to have a dance party – all of us – and it’s so fun!  Crank up the music and move!

We also play basketball outside, we pick teams, and sometimes my husband and I join in – and sometimes just the kids play.


And finally, Tickle Monster (my dad played this with us when I was a kid.)  The fireplace is the base, we the parents are the Tickle Monster, and the kids love running away from the “monster!”

Playing Games
by Amber, Charissa and Kamrin

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