Living tiny means a tiny kitchen! Literally, only one person at a time can be there! And if there’s more than one, there’s ALWAYS a fight! Someone either gets pushed, tripped, pinned up against a cabinet, dirty looks, etc.  It’s super annoying, so we all sort of have an understanding that only one person at a time in the kitchen! Or at least we try…


My four must-haves in the kitchen are a crockpot, casserole pan, Vitamix, and a large sauté pan. My go-to crockpot meal is potato soup. It’s super easy and one I can have ready to go after a late night of baseball and doesn’t use up a ton of pans. I make a few casseroles a week as well, like black bean enchiladas and veggie lasagna. Notice a theme? One pot meals! Hand washing dishes is quite the pain, so as little to clean as possible is best. Also, after a late night dinner and cleaning up, the hot water goes quick for showers. So again, little to wash is best! Another simple quick meal is one pot black bean chili.


As little to wash is so important to us! We have to hand-wash everything. Since we pretty much are here every day with homeschooling, eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at home equals a lot of dishes. 

For breakfast, the kids use one bowl for everything. I’ve got growing boys that eat more than grown men right now so that one bowl gets a homemade breakfast muffin, 

breakfast cookie and all vitamins in it already put in the fridge for them, so they’re ready to go when they wake up. They will eat that and then fill it with oatmeal, then rinse out and fill with cereal. Three breakfasts are a lot to me, but at least it’s all in one bowl!


Lunch is usually one pot pasta. Then of course dinner, the one pot meals! I’ll share a few recipes below. We all eat gluten free, dairy free, and vegetarian at home. (Now, Brian is a different story when he’s out to eat on his own! And Eli and I will randomly eat some meat.)


Tiny living cooking and eating has its challenges, but I think we’ve got somewhat of a routine down and know how to deal with the space a bit better than when we first started!


Remember love grows best in tiny spaces!


Potato Soup


-5ish potatoes

-3 carrots

-2 celery sticks

-1/4 onion

-1 cup vegetable stock

-salt, pepper, garlic


Chop everything up, then cook on high 4 hours. Blend everything in Vitamix once cooked, leaving a few chunky pieces out. I do pour some of the juice out and add a cup of oat milk in mixer to make the soup a little creamier. Return back to pot. Add bag of frozen peas and garbanzo beans, cook on low and you’re good to go! Finally, add whatever toppings you like.



Black Bean Enchiladas


-layer casserole pan with enchilada sauce

-corn tortillas

-one bag frozen kale

-corn tortillas again

-enchilada sauce again

-1 can black beans


We do lightly top with sheep’s cheese (we have a casein allergy and found that sheep’s cheese does not affect us)


 Bake at 400 for 20 minutes


Veggie Lasagna


-layer casserole pan with spaghetti sauce

-rice noodles (no need to precook)

-sauce again, covering noodles

-one bag of frozen kale/spinach

-noodles again

-sauce again

-chop one carton of mushrooms and 2 whole zucchini’s (Can sauté before or just place on top w/ a little avocado oil)

-sprinkle with sheep’s cheese

-bake 375 for one hour


If you need any more allergy-friendly meal ideas let me know!


One Pot Cooking
by Leyanne Enterline

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