So many people lost so many plants this past winter; and maybe you’ve already replanted, your gardens are thriving and on the way toward fruitfulness, and your yard is pristine.  But if not…and you need a little makeover for your porch, here are a few suggestion and ideas.  I like to spruce up the porch each season, and I’ve shared other ideas for fall and Christmas…so why not the spring season, now?

Add a chair – If your porch has room, there’s nothing more inviting that a chair for yourself – for a break – or for a neighbor if she needs a place to rest as she walks by.  Metal in black is a good background for anything else you might add…I found mine at Kirklands.

And a cushion – Sometimes you can find these at the discount stores, or Kirklands, or At Home, or Home Goods – so get one!  And add a pillow with text, if you want!  I love this one from Target that says “Welcome!”

Hang a wreath – You can make your own, or you can buy one.  I opted for a different style this season, a metal wreath with just a touch of floral at the bottom – it was on clearance at Kirklands!

Succulents are fun – I found this two-tiered long tray where I set all sorts of succulents in a beautiful array by my front door.  They’re easy to take care of and require very little watering.

Light is good – Lanterns look great on a small table by that chair!  Opt for a rather large one with a candle that has a built in timer to come on at dark and go off about six hours later.  This particular candle I found on Amazon and I love it!

Why not a bird? – Choose a color scheme and then find a ceramic “something” to sit nestled between your flowers. 

Colorful pots – Instead of plain terra cotta or plastic pots in black, be sure to add some color with your pots – again the discount stores have some random sizes and colors – which are perfect!

The front door – I found this fun sign with a little hanger to change out each month – and I love it!  So my wreath is on the side wall, and this is on the front door!  So you can play with your area and see where it works best to hang whatever you choose, as well!

Happy front porch re-do!  And when you get it all done, sit down and enjoy the view…

And a new welcome – A welcome mat can complete your look – so find one that coordinates with your colors or…that matches the frame of your chair and lantern.  I opted for black trim to go with the metal on my porch.

Happy front porch re-do!  And when you get it all done, sit down and enjoy the view…

Porch Pretty
by Marcy Lytle

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