Celebrating Easter may bring to mind cute fuzzy bunnies, and those large hollow chocolate eggs that are not the best grade of chocolate, but are so fun to eat. But mostly, Easter makes me think about Resurrection, marking Jesus’ victory over sin and death.


But what does Resurrection mean to me in my everyday life?


It’s somewhat of ominous concept. Rising from the dead. And not like a Zombie Apocalypse sort of way. It’s about new life.


I grew up attending a Catholic church in the south bay area of Southern California. Front and center of the church hung a crucifix with a particularly bloody Jesus Christ statue on it. I remember struggling with why Jesus had to suffer so horribly, and then die, and thankfully, rise on the third day.


I love that I was taught about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection at an early age in Catholic Catechism (like Sunday school, but we went on Saturday mornings). In fact, I love the reverence of Catholic Church.  God is holy and mighty, and we were always reminded of that. The candles and incense are so lovely (I still love them when I having a time of prayer), and the concept of holy water was intriguing to me as a child.


But what is resurrection? How can I apply it in my every day adult life?

Is resurrection like spring?

I am amazed when my seemingly dead rosebush, which has no leaves and hasn’t produced a single rose all winter, all of sudden grows little green buds, and then blooms beautiful red roses. But my rose bush is not dead, just dormant.


Resurrection is rising from death into life. Only God can do that. No person or thing can take credit for resurrection, which is why it’s so distinctively divine. Only God can breathe life into something lifeless. Like creation.


I try not to forget the many times in my life when I experienced a hopeless situation, where there was no way I could physically make something happen to resuscitate it, such as with our finances, my health, moving across country and buying a house with no money. A particularly meaningful resurrection happened with my voice.


I have been singing all my life. But after a surgery and a stroke, I had no more singing voice. I had spent a lot of time, money, and sweat working on my craft. And then it was gone. I could only squeak out a few words, then nothing. My voice needed God’s resurrecting touch.


So I prayed. And cried, because I love to sing, and write songs. My animals know when it’s time to eat because they hear the “food time” song I sing to them. My husband and I have been worship leaders for many years, and it is a tremendous blessing to be used to usher God’s people into worshiping Him.


So, I kept praying. Sure, I mourned, and got frustrated and cried. But I knew only God could bring back my voice.


Only God could resurrect my singing voice. And He did.


Only God could make it so I could lead Sunday morning worship again, and then record a full album of songs for a songwriter friend. And only God could give me melodies and words to sing my own songs. I am so very grateful to Him. Singing now takes on a special meaning to me. I try to glorify God with every song.


Jesus said the reason for raising His dear friend Lazarus from the dead was for people to glorify God and believe in Him (please see the story of Lazarus in John 11:1-40…it’s one of my favorite stories!) I love how Jesus---the Creator of the Universe—love and cared for His dear friends. So sweet and lovely.


New life means glorifying God in all we do (see verse 4, in the above mention reference). It means believing that with Jesus, there is always hope. Always. And help. Constantly. It means for those who believe, we will never see death, but eternal life with Jesus, Who loves us so much.


Happy Resurrection Day to you and to yours.


Angela Dolbear is the author of contemporary Christian novels, such as THE GARDEN KEY Series, and THE TORMENTOR’S TALE, all available in paperback, Kindle and audiobook formats on Amazon. Angela writes real, relevant, relatable, and reverent fiction, with an aim toward spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, while inspiring readers to laugh, cry, and crave certain varieties of food. She loves reading, writing and leading worship music with her husband Tim at their church in Nashville, Tennessee. Please drop by and sign-up for news and to hear NEW original music at http://www.angeladolbear.com/subscribe.htm. Blessings to you!

But God
by Angela Dolbear

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