Summer's End
by Marcy Lytle

Cardigans:  Now is a good time to go through all of your button-up or long sweaters to see what you’ll really wear when temps cool off.  I have so many long cardigans/wraps but some of them have pulled threads or don’t match anything or just don’t feel right.  And those that have shrunk or become misshapen need to go!  


I think a long black, gray and brown cardigan – those three - are staples to keep – as they will go over almost any shirt in your closet, when you need them!  My favorite is a longer length (hip length will just look boxy) with pockets. 

It’s August.

It’s hot.

Is there anything even worth talking about in the way of fashion this month?  Most of us here in Central Texas where I live just want to wear a little as possible, sit in an air-conditioned room, and not move!  And besides that, we’re done buying summer clothes, aren’t we?  I mean, fall is coming and it’s time to start thinking forward to the next season.  After all, we are hoping for a new season in so many ways!

I thought it would be fun to shop our closet this month, to try different staples in different ways, or to look at our closets and decide what to keep or what to toss, now that summer is coming to an end… Use one of those days where you’re bored and browse everything you already have, before you start looking for new things.  Put together a color scheme, gather your basics, and then you can just accessorize come fall!

Jeans:  Take stock of your jeans and decide now to go through them and see what fits and what feels good and what doesn’t.  I’ve found that ones with a little higher waist (not way up there!), with a bit of stretch in the fabric, are the keepers.  And one brand I really love is Kensie.  And I recently purchased a couple of pair from Walmart – and love them! 


If you’re still hanging on to a few pair that don’t flatter or feel good, give them away.

Shoes:  Sandals will soon give way to your booties once again, so why not look through the ones you own and toss or keep?  Does that old pair really feel comfortable, and what do you like most about the pair that really fits? 


August is a good month for browsing your shoe racks and making note of what you need.  It seems comfort is key these days, and I’ve found that the lower block heel is one that can be worn all day!  But while we transition, mules are a great option!  Grab a pair or two to match those cardigans we mentioned above – for a sleek and put together look!


Tops:  Fall tops this year need to be comfy and bring us joy, would you agree!  Tunics are great for working at home, nice blouses can be tucked in with a belt, or lightweight sweaters are good to stock up on.  Look through your closet and see what tops you truly wear and which ones look good on you.  Find your colors – do you look better in taupes and grays – or bolds like reds and golds?  What kind of neckline and sleeve length do you prefer? 


Remember, we are coordinating a wardrobe here, with staples, for the coming change of season…  You’ll want a good button-up, too!


Jewelry:   I read that star earrings will be a hit this fall, so why not get a pair?  We’ve put together some classics here, and stars are classics as well!  Extra long necklaces will be in this next season, so those might be fun to wear again. 


Look through your jewelry – consider giving some of the old costume pieces to a teen!  Place some cork board on your closet wall and hang your jewelry to see, while you get dressed, right near your scarves!


Bags:  I know. Do you really need another bag?  Yes, you do.  Go through your purses and think about what size and purpose do you need bags for this fall?  If we are all still at home, I think a tote is great because I love to have this available to fill with books and magazines for road trips or just leaving the house to visit a park or find a different spot to relax and read.  I love a good tote – so roomy for all those extras (masks and sanitizers and wipes) that we have to have near.


How about a reversible one that’s such a good price, so you could get two!


Scarves:  Where do you hang your scarves?  I’ve recently moved mine to a rack hanging on my closet door so that I can see them and choose, as I get ready.  Drawers and bins were a nuisance and had just become so messy!  It’s time to go through the scarf pile and decide on one or two GOOD ones for fall.  If you have a fave, then keep it!  But if not, think about a multi colored scarf that goes with all of your basic cardigans and boots – the grays, blacks, and browns – and then one for a pop of color! 


I say keep them pretty lightweight for now...and plaid is always a classic staple to have! Etsy has lots of choices!


I think it’s fun to gather a few key pieces like the ones listed above and use them as a backdrop for your wardrobe.  You can then shop for colored and patterned pieces to wear with your basics.  You can even tie a colorful scarf on your tote, or add a pop of color with a bright piece of jewelry. 


Having a good pair of jeans,  a couple of cardis, some comfy yet stylish mules, a scarf or two for warmth or handle décor, and a pretty pair of earrings – and you’re ready for summer’s end!



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