Music is the language of heaven.  Worship with singing, dancing, instruments, flying colors, and so much more, diffuses the atmosphere of heaven.  This majesty cannot be contained and is spilling into the earth more everyday as the people of God release these sounds and joyful melodies down below, on earth.  These blessings pouring from heaven are colliding with the rising tide of worship here on earth, bringing cataclysmic explosions of power, love, and hope.  Never before have we seen such unity, prayer, and worship on a global scale.  The ones who know and love Jesus have risen up to a calling so deep, so genuine, that the earth is shaking.  Many have seen angels while experiencing heaven’s songs.


As a child, I experienced Jesus holding my hand every night as I lay down.  I always slept on one side because I knew He was there holding my hand on the other side.  I’ve seen angels.  I’ve witnessed miracles and wonders, not every day or season, but often enough for me to realize that we are in the best times on the earth right now.  Because God is GOOD and He is coming and is here for His beautiful Bride to show His splendor to a lost and hurting world.  He shows up in a multitude of ways through His loving ones.  Serving others, being kind, sharing, living a life of joy and love, these are the things He loves.  These are the things He sees.  We don’t have to witness miracles or observe signs and wonders, but they are here for a witness, an expression of heaven and how very much He loves us.  My flesh cannot contain these thoughts, yet my spirit understands.  We were made for this.  We were made as vessels for Him to flow through for the sake of others.  My finite being will die, but my spirit will never die.  He has even promised me a new body. 

In Moses’ song in Exodus 15, he’s praising and worshiping because of the great miracle of crossing the Red Sea.  However, in Deuteronomy 30-32, his song changes to one of recollection and direction for his people.  He is reminding them of who God is and what He has told them.  Now Moses is about to be gone and a new era is coming with the new leader, Joshua.  As Moses sings his song in Deuteronomy 32, he is crying out in worship, repentance, and hope, that God’s people will remember the miracles and go forward with their destiny.  Deuteronomy 32:9, “For the Lord’s portion is His people: Jacob is the place of His inheritance.”


The following truths are ours if we want to believe them:


Verse 10: We are FOUND, He ENCIRCLES and INSTRUCTS us

Verse 11: He HOVERS over us, He CARRIES us

Verse 12: He LEADS us

Verse 13: He MAKES us RIDE on the HEIGHTS of the earth, He GIVES us HONEY from the rock, He GIVES us OIL from the rock

Verse 14: He GIVES us choicest WHEAT, He GIVES us sweet WINE


I could do a word study here of these blessings, but that is not my point…


Then Moses continues his song:  Basically he sings that they are a nation void of counsel and understanding.  He calls them back to a people of faith and wisdom.  He finishes by singing verse 47, that this is not futile but for their very LIFE! 


We are in a season, as the Body of Christ, where we are to go up to the mountain of God, the place of intimacy and there find His heart for those around us. We are in a season of time when He is saying that He completed His work on earth, so that He can give to us His Holy Spirit of Truth.  That we are fully able to BE and to REPRESENT Him is our call of action for this time.


Will we respond while chaos, confusion, and fear try to swirl around our songs of worship?  Will we arise with trembling and a sincere fear of the Lord to awaken a world asleep and lost?  There are many questions that need asking and many problems to solve, but I believe we were created for just such a time.  I believe He wants our YES.  I am not able, but I do KNOW the ONE who is!  For just such a time as this! 


I want to sing a song of freedom and deliverance.  I want to sing the songs of hope and victory for a nation that has lost its way.  Many sounds and songs are sweeping the airways.  Which one will you choose? This is literally our lives and the lives of our loved ones.  This is a call for His Presence to invade our homes and lives like never before.  Let’s make Him welcome! 

The Song of Moses
by Ginny Hurley

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