I can’t believe that we’re for the most part still staying at home or with our families, and this virus stuff is still a part of our lives, but it is.  And we’ve found a few games that we’ve revisited that we’ve quite enjoyed.  And the cool part about game playing is that we can play them in different venues, at different times, and with different snacks alongside!  So this month, here a few games to revisit and play while you stay…with him…for date night in.

Pass the Pigs – Have you ever played this game?  You roll these little rubber pigs and gain points depending on how they land – upright, on their sides, on their snouts, etc.  There’s really no strategy, just pure luck and so much fun.  Try making fondue skewers of bacon, bread cubes and pickles, and dipping them in melted cheese, while you play.  You can even make a fondue setup with a tin can (with air holes punched on the sides), a tea light inside, and a bowl on top.  You’ll need a tabletop for this game!

Outburst – This is a fun game to play while swinging or sitting on the porch late in the evening, when the day has cooled off.  Take a cold drink with you (like ice and lemon juice crushed in a blender til it’s slushy), muddled with a few blueberries in the bottom.  You basically ask each other topic questions and try to guess the 10 answers on the cards.  We usually take out five cards each and see who has the most points at the end!

Yahtzee – Find a clear spot on your floor, where you can roll the five dice!  Consider graham crackers, slice strawberries and strawberry cream cheese for your snack.  You know the game, you roll, you see if you have a pattern that fits your score sheet and you total up your points at the end.  It’s a great game that you can still converse while playing.  And there’s a wonderful vintage box version!

Trivia – Just find that old Trivial Pursuit game and pull out 10 cards each.  Lay down in a cozy spot, or just lie back on some comfy floor pillows, and start asking questions.  If you answer correctly, you get to go again.  Keep playing until all cards are used up, and whoever gets to the end first wins!  Don’t use the game board.  But if you miss the little triangle pieces, then serve up those Laughing Cow triangular cheeses with nuts, olives, and grapes!


Jokes – Okay, this isn’t a game, but we love doing it.  Reader’s Digest Magazine has joke scattered throughout, but you could totally just find a list of jokes from the internet to print out.  This is a great way to end a hot summer day, with some funny snacks that make you smile as well.  Maybe pretzels, chocolate chips and peanut butter – or pickles and popcorn – or dark chocolate and orange slices.  Read the jokes out loud and see how many actually make you laugh out loud! 

Look through your stash of games that you once played and enjoyed and let them make a comeback in your date night together.  Browse your pantry and fridge and create snacks to go with, make fun drinks, pick toppings for ice cream, pile up crackers and goodies…and you’ll be ready.  Don’t forget to dress up for date night as you would if you were truly going out…why not?  Isn’t he/she worth it?

Games for Two
by Marcy Lytle

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