Sometimes I enjoy browsing IGTV for cooking videos or fashion ideas.  Recently, I stumbled across one of the singers from Little Big Town and her cooking segments.  I decided to watch a few at a time because I’m always up for learning something new in the kitchen.  What caught my attention in her show was her repeated use of different bowls that her father had crafted and made.

Kimberly Schlapman pulled out bowls in beautiful colors or with pretty detail and repeatedly said that these bowls were her daddy’s treasures.  And then she made a statement that stuck with me,

“My daddy’s treasures are my treasures.”

She went on to use these bowls for mixing and stirring and creating scrumptious things to eat, as she continued to literally gush about these bowls that found their place in her kitchen, on shelves of honor, because they were handcrafted by her daddy.  

These bowls were super special to the daughter, because her daddy had made them, so she took extremely good care of them and used them to present foods with aromas and tastes that filled her kitchen.

I found myself wishing I had a collection of bowls like that.  What a great treasure, for sure, to have a collection of handmade items from a parent to use, then pass down to the next generation!

I couldn’t stop thinking about these bowls and I realized that I DO have treasures that my Father has made.  I have friends, people that he has created in his image, and they’re mine for the pleasure of knowing and exalting to places of special recognition. 

Racism isn’t something new, but it’s certainly something that’s still prevalent and a huge story of interest right now in America.  Handcrafted treasures of all colors, shapes and sizes surround us in our neighborhoods, in the marketplace, on line and more…from our past, right now, and will be in our future.  And there’s this verse in the bible that says he formed treasures in earthen vessels of clay.

II Corinthians 4:7

But we have this treasure in jars of clay, 

to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us.

Imagine with me, standing in our houses, preparing dinner for our families, and finding on our shelves a hidden bowl that’s been there for years, unused and unseen because it was buried behind and forgotten about.  Wouldn’t we be so excited to discover this bowl if we suddenly remembered and realized that it was handmade and given to us by a loving father?  We’d pull it out and carefully handle it, fill it with something good, and place on our tables for all who come to enjoy and see and eat from its fullness.

I have a handmade chip/dip bowl.  It’s absolutely my favorite for several reasons.  I spotted it in an old bakery emporium in downtown Austin one year right before Christmas.  It was handmade, and the only bowl like it on the shelf.  I mentioned it to my husband, and before Christmas he went back and purchased it and gave it to me.  It now sits prominently on a shelf in my den, and I pull it out to use it for special nights where we enjoy chips/salsa from this beautiful dark gray bowl that’s now become a treasure.

People are treasures.  And just like those bowls that Kimberly treasured because of who made them and who gave them, we have to see people in the same way.  It’s only then that we will give each other a place of honor, when we agree with His sentiment that treasures await us all in jars of clay.  In treasuring each other, we show the power of God and his love for all.

If you haven’t watched her cooking shows, check out Kimberly Schlapman and do so.  Then search your shelves or purchase a bowl that you treasure, as well.  Scour your drawers and your cabinets for hidden treasures.  And for sure, search your database of contacts and friends and see which ones you can gush over because of how beautifully and wonderfully they are made in the image of the Father of you both.



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