They’re everywhere in every color and style, and they are part of our wardrobe…all to protect others and our own faces…from the virus!  Maddening, isn’t it?  However, one thing I’ve noticed for me personally is that when I wear a mask, it keeps my hands from touching my face…something we all should do…all the time – even when the virus is no longer a threat!  Touching our hands to our faces brings germs into our airways, and when we don’t touch our faces, we stay healthier.

Here a seven more ways to keep our hands off our faces that I’ve found to be working:

  • If you’re a nail biter – Find a friend or a family member that’s willing to remind you when your fingers go in your mouth to stop.  It will be annoying at first, but be thankful someone cares, and break that habit!

  • If you’re a finger licker – Make sure you have napkins when you eat.  Buy some really cute ones at the dollar store (seriously, there are so many pretty patterns!) and keep them out to grab for everyone to have when they eat the smallest of snacks to the largest of meals.  No finger licking, only napkin wiping!

  • If you’re a face toucher – Wear makeup!  I know, many have just gotten accustomed to working at home all naturale, but I’ve found if I take the time to put on makeup, it helps me keep my hands off my face.

  • If you’re an eye wiper – Wear mascara!  Just put on some each day, and it helps keep your hands at bay!  Allergens in the air, tears of joy or sadness, or all sorts of reasons can cause our eyes to weep.  Keep tissues in your purse, along with that hand sanitizer, and train yourself to wipe with that…not your hands.

  • If you’re a nose picker – Yuck!  But we all do it from time to time, when no one is looking.  Carry tissues!  Buy those small packs and place one in each tote bag and purse, and in the console of your car, so that your fingers are never in contact with anything but that tissue!

  • If you’re a face picker – stop.  Just stop picking at your skin altogether.  Maybe you can’t stand that blemish or that spot or that wild hair (yeah, all disgusting, I know).  When you wear the mask, this helps so much with picking at your face.  So all the more reason to wear it!

  • If you’re a face strummer – Maybe you like strumming his cheeks or he yours, or even the kids.  Find another way to show your affection – away from the face.  Our hands don’t need to be in the faces of others.  We can rub a back, brush the kids’ hair, or massage the feet.


My husband and I are constantly telling each other to stop with the face touching, and honestly at first it caused arguments.  But we’ve both become better at not touching, and I appreciate it now when he catches me biting a nail.  I want to be aware and stop all the nasty habits, and stay well…on into the fall season!


Touch Not
by Marcy Lytle

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