I am writing this month about something that I wish everyone to know about. I will give you a hint.  It has nothing to do with my job as an assistant teacher and the controversial topic of whether or not students should go back to school this fall as the coronavirus is currently still running rampant. For one, the update I have will probably change, and two, it is what it is. God is still God and in control and that is bringing me peace in this chaotic, ever changing time.

I’m curious, though.  What has everyone been watching during this pandemic/quarantine/stay-at home time? The reason I ask is to find out who has heard of or seen The Chosen yet. If you haven’t heard of it, then here is a quick summary: The Chosen is the first-ever, crowd-funded, multi-season show about the life of Christ and the perspective is primarily from the Disciples of Christ rather than Jesus himself.

If you have heard of it, but have yet to watch it for whatever reason, I highly recommend watching it right now! If you have seen it, can we just talk about how amazing it is? I know, I am late to The Chosen bandwagon, it premiered back in April of 2019, but once I started it, I didn’t want it to end.

I know what some of you are thinking. Faith based movies or shows do not have a great track record of being up to par with Hollywood made movies. They have gotten a lot better I will say, but sometimes I am even skeptical. However, I watch them for the encouraging, faith-filled messages that I desire the world to see, not for the visual spectacle that you can expect from most secular movies/shows these days. I don't think films about Jesus have portrayed Him very well.  We have gotten a lot of somber, stoic, almost emotionless pictures of Jesus over the years.  I believe Jesus smiled, laughed, cried, and had a whole range of emotions. He was human after all. The Chosen is like no other in how it portrays Jesus as human, relatable, but at the same time divine.


I have read several posts, comments, and testimonies of how the portrayal of Jesus in The Chosen has impacted others and many of them have resonated with me.

“I feel closer to Jesus watching this show than I’ve ever felt before”

“I get why people would follow and want to be with Jesus”

“I felt the presence of God watching this show”

“The love of Jesus for ALL is shown beautifully”

Can you guess which one of those quotes was mine? Truly, all of them entered my mind at some point watching this series and many more.

There are eight stunning episodes in Season One. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, so I will not go into too much detail. The show enters the story of Jesus a little before his ministry really began. Since the series is mainly from the perspective of the disciples, they delve into the lives of some of them. Of course, the show takes some artistic license here and throughout, but that is what makes it so beautiful. It is the very fact of how relatable the disciples are, with all their flaws and struggles, that made the deepest impact on me. They are flawed too, just like me and yet Jesus called them to follow Him. 

There are so many powerful moments written in scripture that are portrayed so brilliantly in this show (by fantastic actors and actresses) that I was brought to tears throughout the entire season. If I have a critique, it is so minor that it is not worth sharing because the praises I have for this show far outweigh the flaws I noticed.

Have I convinced you yet to watch it, that is, if you haven’t already? You won’t regret it! There is even an app that you can watch it on for free due to the “pay it forward” aspect of this wonderful show. The name of the app is called none other than The Chosen. It has over 45 million views and counting. They are currently in the works to get Season Two funded. I can’t wait!

There is one final quote that I would like to share. It is the one from the son of the director, while on set: “Dad, I think this show is really going to change some lives.”

I think so, too. I am praying for eyes, ears, minds, and hearts to be opened to the life changing love of Jesus Christ through this show.

Every chance I get I will recommend The Chosen to everyone. It’s that good!  So grab a bowl of popcorn, click on your TV, and start watching…

An Amazing Watch
by Bethany Gomez

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