I’ve shared a few times about my alphabet prayer that I so love reciting.  It’s where I choose adjectives from A to Z to describe Him while I pray – and I usually do it when I’m walking.  I might be something like,

“Thank you that you’re awesome, big, caring and daring, ever-present, faithful…”

I love thinking up ways to describe my great big wonderful God, and sometimes I even sit still and listen to him say something similar back to me.  One time I felt he hung out on the P – telling me I was pretty – which I needed at the time.  Another time He paused on the T – reminding me that I was trustworthy – which brought me to happy tears.  It’s not hard listening to Him talk back, and I know that His words will always be affirmative and kind.

Recently, I decided to switch to verbs, to thank God for all the action He takes in the world and on my behalf and on the behalf of others, for whom I pray. It went something like this: (Oh, and by the way, there are no rules in this fun – you can totally skip a letter that’s too hard!)

Thank you God that you’re always...

  • Acting on my behalf

  • Bringing good gifts

  • Caring for my needs

  • Delivering peace

  • Entering my room

  • Freeing my spirit

  • Giving me time

  • Holding me close

  • Inviting me closer

  • Justifying

  • Kissing my wounds

  • Loving me well

  • Moving mountains

  • Nearing the broken

  • Overreaching my imagination

  • Producing fruit

  • Quickening my mind

  • Reaching out to me

  • Satisfying my thirst

  • Teaching me to love others

  • Understanding

  • Validating me

  • Wooing me to listen

  • X-ing out my wrongs

  • (skipping Y)

  • Zipping along beside me


I’ll admit, that prayer above was mostly about how He is for me personally, but it changes each time I do this exercise.  I can choose verbs that describe more his actions in the world at large, or any number of things.  I can also use nouns, or again back to adjectives. The possibilities are numerous, and so enjoyable. 

It doesn’t have to be a lofty prayer with perfect petitions and praise.  Prayer can be as simple as the ABC’s and end up being powerful to bring heaven to you, elevate you into praise, or move mountains as you recall his faithfulness among us all.

Try it. Recite the one above.  Then make up one of your own.

Easy as ABC
by Marcy Lytle

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