Kids and bath time – a mix that can sometimes end in tears for parents and kiddos!  Struggles to get them in the bath and get them clean, what products to use, and then there’s brushing teeth – lots to do before bedtime.  And when everyone is tired and cranky, sometimes bath time can be anything BUT relaxing!  The moms this month are sharing how they manage to get the kids in bed clean and happy…well, for the most part!

The actual bathing:

Around age 4 or 5 they can start bathing themselves.  It varies with each kid.  One just wants to play and then forgets to bathe.  We teach them that they need to learn to bathe first, play second.  An older sister can help a younger sister too, if they bathe together. 

If we start bath times late we end up with kids in both bathrooms and then we lose our own parent space.  Just this year, we’ve worked on making sure we have a better bath routine.  The kids bathe one at a time, so that they are all ready for bed on time, and all have a bath at night.

The arguing:

The kids do argue on who goes first because it interrupts play time.  We draw toothpicks or straws – whoever has shortest goes first and whoever has longest goes last.  Luck of the draw each night.  This eases “most” of the arguing.  We do have to watch the time limit…because one takes longer than the other.  This has to work because all three share one bathroom, and we now have our bathroom back! 

Sometime the two youngest will fight in the bath and Mom just has to referee!

The waiting:

The other kids play or read a book, or brush their teeth, while waiting.

The bedtime routine:

We lie down and read a bible story and add a verse to memorize, and then we pray together.  This allows everyone to settle their thoughts and go to sleep in comfort, including mom and dad!

We do an 806 prayer outside before bed.  806 is our area code where we live, so we read a psalm and pray for our community, our churches and businesses, our government, and those who are sick – especially with the virus!  We also include thanksgiving.  The entire process is so sweet – because families all over our neighborhood gather at 8:06 pm on their porches to pray!

The products:

Suave 3-in-1 – free and clear (no dyes) – giant bottle.  Youngest uses that.  Our oldest switched to liquid body bat wash by Nuskin bc it’s more natural scents and easier on his skin – has grapefruit and vitamin C – helps with his eczema and dry skin.  It moisturizes and cleanses.  Our daughter likes Method – rotating the scents – from Target.  She recently switched to a better product for fine tangled hair, and it’s wavy.  Leave-in conditioner made her hair oily, but still hard to manage.  Switched to Age Lock Hair & Scalp shampoo and conditioner – it’s not so cheap – but helps so much with manageability.  It strengthens from the scalp, and gives volume!  She hasn’t had to use detangler.  Sometimes it seems the cheaper products don’t do so well with fine hair. 

Our kids use Everyone soap from HEB – and we do an armpit check!  The Everyone soap comes in different scents and it’s great for the whole family. Our kids also are wearing deodorant – Tom’s Natural Brand.  As soon as they can stink, they can smell better!

Each of the kids has their own Crest Kids mechanical toothbrushes – it’s on for 2 minutes – and this is a huge help.  They each have a different character.  The heads of the toothbrushes can be changed out.  They all use AP24 Toothpaste – helps restore teeth without abrasives.  They don’t like ‘spicy’ adult, they like this more soothing vanilla-mint type taste.

The bathroom:

The kids get an allowance on Friday – but only if bathroom is clean!  They have a clothes basket, and a hook for hanging towels to reuse them.  That’s their chore!

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by Amber, Charissa and Kamrin

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