Since quarantine started, all the boys have wanted to do is fish! This isn’t out of the norm at all, but we have had way more time to do it now. Every trip we take, that’s all they want to do!

However, so far, we haven’t had too much success. If you know much about fishing (which I really don’t) every lake, pond, stream, and ocean has its own type of fish swimming in them. This means we must use all different kinds of lures. Oh my, have we gotten the lures! I love that the boys have a hobby; however, it can get quite expensive, our space can become overcrowded with stuff, and it all become overwhelming.

We just got back from a trip to Colorado, visiting family. We also just wanted to travel into the wilderness away from all the drama of the world right now.  And we, of course, had to go fishing! What I didn’t know was that most of the areas where we fished had trout running in their streams.

Of course, the boys said, “We don’t have the right equipment!”

To which my reply was, “Are you kidding me?”

We loaded our vehicle down with rods, reels, and a ridiculous amount of bait. But apparently, all of these things still weren’t enough. We needed a fly rod and flies! After visiting several fly fishing shops in Colorado, we decided we’d have to wait on this kind of expense. It’s one pricey hobby to start up for our first time trying out this new type of fishing.

The boys sadly had to use the gear they had already brought; but to their surprise, up on the top of a mountain we climbed - the trout were literally jumping out of the water trying to swim upstream! So much that the boys were able to catch the fish with their bare hands! Well, forget all the needed gear. This was a much cheaper fix and they were beyond happy to catch a new species for them!

Whew! So thankful the Lord provided us a much needed trip and a great fishing experience, away from the reminders of the pandemic that’s smothering us all…


Fishing and More Fishing
by Leyanne Enterline

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