During these months (who would have thought it would last so long!) of the Covid crisis, I’ve found that little treats mean so much.  There are lots of new habits we’ve picked up, and a few little surprises I’ve allowed myself to enjoy.  Why not?  We all need a little bit of normalcy right about now, and the new norm I’ve added to my life has made me feel a little less out of balance…

Here are a few things I’ve added, that maybe you’ll enjoy as well:

Ipsy – This is a makeup bag that arrives monthly with samples inside that suit my tastes (I filled out a profile before subscribing.)  The little makeup bags are cute and can be saved for giving to others, filling for a stocking present at Christmas, or keeping for travel.  That alone is fun!  But inside are new blushes, mascara, lip balm, and more – and it’s so fun to see it arrive in the mail!

Ice cream – Oh my gosh, we’ve had more ice cream than ever and I have no idea why.  Maybe it’s because we are trying to eat healthy meals at home, since we’re cooking ALL THE TIME, so an ice cream treat while out is the best!  Blizzards from DQ and ice dream from Chick Fil A are my two faves!  And…we recently made homemade peach ice cream – to die for!

Long walks – Oh we walked before, but now it’s mandatory for our sanity!  And oh the trails we’ve found, ones we would never have sought out, had we not needed yet another new place to explore!  There are parks in every neighborhood, and it’s a blast to try new trails with new sites and new people to smile at, sans masks, since we’re in the great outdoors!

Gardens – I’ve always tended to herbs and flowers, but I planted veggies in three big pots to tend…hoping to grow my own produce to enjoy.  I am not the best at it yet, but I’ve enjoyed the process and have had mini eggplant – which I didn’t even know existed!  Sliced up and roasted, on a pizza, yum!

Scrabble – I’m sure many of us have favorite games on our phones or apps that we enjoy, but lately I’ve discovered Scrabble.  I like to use my brain and to exit life for a few minutes to play the computer contestant, and try to beat her.  I love searching for and making words.   It rests and stimulates my mind, all at the same time!

New recipes – I’ve discovered What’s Gaby Cooking and her meals and recipes are really yummy looking!  I decided to subscribe and now I receive her weekly meal plans in my inbox.  It’s fun to have new recipes arrive to choose from, with the best photos of them, too!

Devos – My church has this opportunity to submit 3 minute devos for social media, for people to listen to, and be encouraged.  I wrote a series on God’s Wisdom, and looked forward to studying the topic and then summarizing it in a video.  It caused me to study, and it encouraged me – even if I was the only one!

I’m sure I could keep going with other new treats that have popped up because of life changes this year for all of us.  And I’m also sure I could share some downers and days that weren’t so fun because I’m tired of this new norm.  But it’s these little treats that I’m trying to focus on, looking for more each day, and hoping that even when life is back to normal (or will it be?) that I keep some of these niceties around and never go back to dismissing the little things that bring joy.

Little Treats
by Marcy Lytle

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