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Labels…names…they’re changing everywhere…and our kids are growing up in a world where our daughters may no longer be defined as women, and our sons may no longer be called men.  While many changes are wonderful, labels that have derogatory meanings behind the changes are confusing and could cause our children so much angst in identifying who in the heck they are.

Now, maybe more than ever, our kids need to know who HE says they are…especially as school begins another year.  And whether they want to hear it or not, we need to speak it.  I was thinking the other day how important it is for parents to remember that the seeds they plant might spring up fruit quickly…but more often than not…that fruit may not be seen for a long time.  So that’s why the seeds are so important!

One thing He says is that He is the vine and we are the branches.  This is great for our kids’ identity in Christ.  From him flows all the life we need and it flows right out to us…freely and beautifully as we stay next to HIM.  

Our kids are branches connected to great strength.

photo courtesy of Doug Gephardt

John 1:12 says our kids are children of God…this means they have access to everything the Father has for them – protection, salvation, grace, and even discipline – to bring them life.

Our kids are children to the most loving Father…God.

John 15:15 says he calls us friends.  Jesus really loves hanging out with us and revealing to us his innermost character and love – he’s a true friend. 

Our kids are Jesus’ friends…always.

Secure is another name we can place our kids’ foreheads – because Jeremiah states he has a plan and a future for our kids of good and not evil.

Our kids are secure and no one and nothing can snatch them from the Father.

The bible also says we are his workmanship, created in his image, and that makes us valuable to our Creator. 

Our kids are valuable to the highest degree to the One who made them.

We are also told that we are exceedingly loved by God in that while we were sinners (separated from God) he died for us so that we might be set free from the penalty of sin and death.

Our kids are loved and free to be who God created them to be – teens who inhabit His praise.

Branches, children, secure, valuable and loved…all labels they can wear and stand up tall and represent the God who calls them friends.  It’s a confusing time for teens, and if we speak the truth about who they are, it won’t matter what others say they are or should be or cannot be.

Who They Are
by Marcy Lytle