There are things kids do that look fun to me, so why not incorporate them into date night with him?  I’ve often envied the kids’ meals because they get a little toy or treat inside, and I also note that kiddos have fun laughing and squealing at the most simple of activities!  It’s August, the heat is on, and we need a bit more laughter and simplicity and childlike views of the complicated world…don’t ya think?

Here are five ideas:

Paint Rocks – Find a big shade tree by a river where you can set your chairs and enjoy some cold lemonade and shortbread cookies together.  Search for and find some nice flat rocks.  Pull out your paintbrushes and paints and design good words, pretty pictures and awesome color to leave behind for the next couple that arrives at your same spot.  What a fun date!

Legos, Sure! – Have you put together the more difficult sets of Legos, lately? They're not for the faint of heart!  There's a really cute Bonsai Lego set.  Have you seen it?  And even a flower bouquet.  It would be fun to have "building" snacks as graham crackers with strawberry cream cheese and fresh strawberries.  Or check out the Windmill cookies from Trader Joe's.  You might even want to display your creation in the house, when you're through!

MARRIAGE - aug 2022 - date night fun - not just for kids.jpg

Battleship or Bingo – These two games…do your kids have them…or something similar?  If you choose bingo, invite another couple and make it a night of snacks and prizes.  If you choose Battleship, make snacks together that one might eat on a big boat! Maybe a buffet of some sort, with cool drinks.  Laugh, get competitive and pull out another kid’s game too – like Go Fish!

Movie Madness – Choose a kids’ movie, one you’ve missed in the theaters, or one you liked as a kid – both of you choose one!  Find big blankets, crank up the AC, and cuddle in with snacks you enjoyed as a kid or ones you see the kids eating now that you’d like to enjoy.   Was your favorite Skittles?  And…of course…a big tub of popcorn.  And why not some kidlike treats like sundaes in waffle bowls?

At the Pet Store and More – When’s the last time you two visited a Pet Store to see all the cute animals and their antics?  Kids also love aquariums, so consider visiting one nearby.  And while trampolines might not be a safe option, you can still skip through a park and land on a swing, to push each other high.  End the night with s’mores by the fire…

Why let the kids have all the fun?  They’re starting back to school this month, but you can start back to the basics with giggles and laughter when you copy their joy in all that you do together.

Not Just for Kids
by Marcy Lytle