Private jets, fancy hotels, limousines, fine dining, hanging out backstage, celebrities, after parties, extravagant vacations… yes, yes, I have to tell you, I have an alternative lifestyle. It’s all because my husband is an audio engineer and the production manager for a comedian.


All the trailer talk is true, it is tiny, we do barely fit, but when we travel with my husband we live a lifestyle like no other. I suppose it’s the best of both worlds. Both situations are pretty extreme. I feel like I’d like a happy medium, but this is the life we have right now and I will be grateful.


I’m sitting in business class in my chair that can lay down, with my warm blanket and pillow they gave me, being fed all the things – typing this while on my way to Maui. I mean one cannot complain for sure!

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I was just sitting here watching Cinderella and thinking I feel the same as her, though the lifestyle keeps switching back and forth, back and forth for me. One day, I’m living in a tiny trailer barely fitting our new school books in it, because there’s just no more room. To the next day, when I’m in a fancy plane headed to an extravagant vacation to meet for dinner with famous people! It’s nuts! Though I don’t fully desire either of these lifestyles, they both come with their advantages and disadvantages. I suppose it’s good to see both sides of things!


The trailer life is simple, though squished, and it’s a trailer!


The rich and famous life is exciting, but also exhausting with late nights and lots of smiling and talking with people I don’t know. I know that sounds strange, but for an introvert it’s physically and mentally a lot! I love our down time during the day to sleep in and recharge with the family.


I love to travel, so to have this experience is truly amazing and we’ll always remember the fun family times that we’ve gotten to have together in new places! And I suppose it’s taught us to get out of our shell and interact with another world that we would have never been a part of and hear their stories and their lives, and to connect. It’s also good to see how maybe those who don’t have as much still thrive. I have more compassion when I walk in their shoes.


Rich or poor, everyone has a story, everyone struggles at some point. I’m thankful to live in it all both/and - and be able to try and connect - no matter where someone is on their journey, as well.


Alternate Lifestyle
by Leyanne Enterline