Have you ever heard of the name Jochebed?  I’m pretty sure you have no one in your circle of friends with this name, but there is a woman in the Bible with this name whose children became great!  Having great children is the desire of every mom, but is there a formula that produces them?

This lady’s story is found in Exodus 2 and 3.  Jochebed means “glory of Jehovah,” and this woman was from the priestly line of Levi (one of the 12 tribes of Israel).  Jochebed was Moses’ mom, and the other siblings were Aaron and Miriam. 

The scene presented to us in Exodus is one where the Children of Israel are enslaved by the Eqyptians, yet still favored by God.  The more harshly the Children of Israel were treated, the stronger they grew!  A murderous plan was devised to kill all the Hebrew male babies, but God dealt WELL with the midwives among them, and the people continued to become mighty. 

We know that Jochebed had Moses placed in a basket, due to her fierce love for God and her child, so that her son would escape being murdered.  But it says in the New Testament in Hebrews 11 that God thought very well of Jochebed, too, and He honored her.  It’s so cool how the text in the New Testament reinforces the stories from the Old Testament.  He honored Jochebed by making her Moses’ mother – and we know that Moses became the leader of the Hebrew nation.  She had been sort of a “nobody” until God elevated her to the Hebrews faith “Hall of Fame.” 

Moses was a great leader and legislator.  He received the 10 Commandments, watched as God parted the Red Sea, prayed for manna to sustain millions, and these are only a few of his great accomplishments!  And it all began with the love of his mother.

Aaron was Moses’ brother, the first High Priest of Israel, the one who stood between the people and God to offer sacrifices and be the spokesperson for Moses.  Jochebed’s grandchildren were also part of the priesthood.  What a rich legacy she left!

Miriam was Jochebed’s daughter, and she was very brave and wise, as she responded with courage in scary moments.  God used her to help place baby Moses in a safe place.  Miriam grew up to be a prophetess, songwriter and poet, and an active participant in tabernacle worship!

Because Jochebed was a mom that followed God and not man, she raised three amazing children who literally changed history…children called by God and set apart under his loving eye. 

The story of Jochebed reminds that even when we see NO POSSIBLE WAY out of a grave situation, God’s power knows no boundaries.  Even laws that are made to kill innocent children can be thwarted when a mother obeys her God.

There’s a hymn about God’s grace that’s offered when burdens are greater, labors increase, and afflictions are added.  When trials multiply, his grace has no measure and his power has no boundary, because he gives again and again.  The lyrics continue to remind us that when we have exhausted our store of endurance and our strength is gone, our Father’s love has no limit and his grace no measure.

A strategic woman, Jochebed, is no different than you or I.  She simply loved her God and loved her children.  That love didn’t keep away evil plans, but it did protect her children from the evil one, because her Source never failed.

by Debbie Haynes

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