You know, all those fall things that we tend to only use or do or eat during the months leading up to Christmas.  Things like the popcorn popper, the fondue pot, pumpkin flavors and scents, the fireplace or fire pit, and more! 


Why not make date night revolve around these things this month? 


I absolutely love fall the most of all, because of these things, do you?

Popcorn bar – We recently hosted a party and set up a popcorn bar and it was great fun.  Invite another couple or two over and have them bring part of the fun, and set it up!  You’ll need a big tub of popcorn with a scoop, flavors to spritz (including butter), toppings (like candies) and drinks.  You can purchase tiny popcorn bags from the dollar store.  Include conversation about popcorn (maybe print out trivia questions!) and even put together a popcorn jigsaw puzzle!  Fun, right?

Fondue, anyone? – There’s a restaurant in our town called the Melting Pot and there are different options of fondue from just appetizers to a full course, or even just dessert!  Have a romantic date at a place like that, or make your own fondue at home and watch a romantic movie together.  Find a great fondue recipe and cut up cubes of fun to dip.  Try a cheesy one with cubes of bread, and then a chocolate one with fruit and cake!

Around the Fire – If you have a fire pit, you can totally plan a date outside near the pit.  Play some soft music, order pizza to be delivered, and dance to the flicker of the flames.  Check out a couple of books from the library or your own collection (or the neighborhood boxes!) and share excerpts or pictures.  We have this huge coffee table book of pictures from America that are stunning.  Talk about your next vacation and where you might like to go.  Make s’mores if you wish, for your dessert.

More Pumpkin – Halloween is over, but pumpkin season is not!  Pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin candles, they’re everywhere!  Enjoy a breakfast date either at a coffee shop over pumpkin bread and a latte, or at home with the same.  Light a pumpkin scented candle and complete a crossword puzzle together, as you sip and snack.  Or you could have a cooking session together, making something with a pumpkin base. 


Give Thanks – Why not make date night all about giving thanks for so many things?  Each of you makes a list of five things for which you’re thankful around town.  Yours might include your church, a favorite restaurant or coffee shop, an experience you had at a theater or arena, a particular tree or park you love, etc.  Pack a picnic supper/lunch and visit each place and reminisce and give thanks together.  I love this idea!

November can get really busy, so get your date night on the calendar first thing – and make it happen.  Enjoy all the fun of the fall season before it’s gone!

All the Things
by Marcy Lytle

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