We have been given God’s Word to experience, understand, and come to know His personhood. We have also been given a physical body with the ability to engage in knowing Him as well. May this season bring you what you need most to find restoration in those areas of your life that have been out of balance.


We can engage our senses to find joy in our present moment. Grounding, mindfulness, and being present are some of activities that we can partake in to enjoy the life we have been given, the one we are living. Should you find your mind roaming to the far corners of . . . whatever normally pre-occupies your thoughts, I encourage you to take stock using your senses.



Thank you, God, for the beautiful lights of this season. Soft lights are everywhere – from candles to tree lights. 

They twinkle, blink, and make a silent movie. Thank you, God, for the gift of sight. Open my eyes so I can see your wonder and glory around me today. Amen.



Thank you, Jesus, for the sounds of laughter and children. It is such a gift to be able to hear giggling, chatting, and joviality. Thank you, Jesus, for the sounds of wind through the branches of the trees, against bells and chimes. Thank you, Jesus, for giving me ears to hear. May you remove any blockage that has kept me hearing your wonder, promises, or instruction. Amen.



Thank you, Lord, for the aromas of food! Thank you, Lord, for even the smell of fire. Thank you for the refreshing smell of Cedar trees and the memories they bring. May my praises be a sweet aroma to you.



Thank you, Lord, for the ability to touch Pine needles and Cedar leaves. I feel the prickly needles, the softness and sharpness of the Cedar. Thank you for the warm embrace of family and friends. Thank you for the extended hand that I can touch and hold. Thank you, Lord, for your physical touch in my heart and body.



Thank you, Father, for the taste of chocolate, spices, and coffee. Thank you for supplying food for my family today. Thank you for the ability to discern sweet from sour and sharp from mild. Help me, Father, to taste your goodness.


After engaging the senses in a simple practice of experience, the body relaxes, and the brain has begun to use the prefrontal cortex. If this exercise helped you, I would be delighted to hear about your experience! 

Engaging the Senses 
by Jennifer Lytle

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