Looking after widows…that’s part of pure devotion to Jesus.  In other words, blessing those who are alone without their spouse is very pleasing to Him, and since it’s a blessing to give, why not make that activity incorporated into family devotion time this Christmas?  Does your family know any widows?  If so, make a list.  If not, ask a church or friends if they know a few widows, and make that list.  And you might just want this to be an annual family devotion activity after you try it once…

Preparation:  Gather small gifts, make treats, and write out and draw handmade cards, as you make your list and decide your plans for this devotion.  Find out movies and times or pick a coffee house or a neighborhood for lights.  Be prepared to then make a list and put it on the calendar of times and dates to bless and give.  You can try to bless five widows…or even just one.  But you’ll have a list to work from all year long…

Widows are women that have lost their spouse due to death.  It means that their husbands left this earth before they did, and now they live alone.  Often, these ladies are very lonely, and many times they’re elderly.  They often get forgotten because families are busy having fun with the complete package – a mom and a dad and kiddos.  However, the bible tells us to take care of the widows and to visit them and care for them.

Let’s make our list of five widows that we know and write them down by name, acquire their address and phone number, and their full name.

Let’s think of what we can do this Christmas for each of these widows.   Sometimes, widows enjoy just a visit with another lady, but why not give them the blessing of an entire family that cares?

Here are a few ideas:

  1.  Make a gift basket and deliver it and stay for a visit.  (Call ahead to set up a time for this activity).  Included handmade cards in the basket.

  2. Plan an outing with her.  Find out if she loves movies or concerts or shopping, and invite her along on your family outing.

  3. Invite her to your house for dinner, if she enjoys getting out.  Or just dessert.  Make it simple and lovely.

  4. Ask her along to look at Christmas lights with you and yours.  Stop for hot chocolate at some point during the ride.

  5. Make room for the widow at your family Christmas table.  Invite her to sit in and enjoy Christmas with you and yours, especially if she has no family of her own in town.


There are lots of ways to bless widows, and your family can be creative to think of more.  It’s important that the widow is told ahead of time so that she can plan.  It’s important for kiddos to be instructed on behavior and how to visit with an adult, i.e. ask about her and share their life with her.  She will love to hear about it!  If you think she might feel awkward alone, then invite a couple of widows at a time. Make sure to end the visit with prayer and a blessing, and the idea that you will visit her again soon…and make that happen.

Christmas is the loneliest time of the year for those who are without their special someone.  We don’t need to be down and sad about it, but rather share the joy that we have as a family.  Even if you’re a single parent with children, make an effort to include a widow. 

Widows are women with purpose and life, and they need to be treated as such, and noticed.  And when we do just that, we are spreading good cheer and bringing joy to His heart…and hers.

Note: If your family car won’t accommodate another person because of space, then consider meeting her or inviting her over, if she can drive.  Or send one parent to pick her up to come to your place.  Or just all pile in and visit her, if she prefers!  Or have a party and invite her with your other guests!

True Religion
by Marcy Lytle

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