The Bright Morning Star

Came down from Heaven’s Heart

Born for others near and far

Never to depart


Breathing Hope and Perfect Love

Delivered in Eternity’s time

The answer through a Dove

A song to rule and rhyme


A donkey brought Him near

A manger filled with hay

Those shepherds should not fear

No more waiting or delay


Raucous Joy burst through the air

That night in Bethlehem

Myriads of Angels did clamor to declare

All nations come join in

A New Day had begun to rise

The scene forever changed

Son’s beams radiate the azure skies

Hillsides ablaze with brand new frames



What man could never dream or see

This purpose from the start

God’s unending plan making nature free

Hidden within our transformed hearts



Then traveled Wise Men from the East

Bringing treasures of the earth

From Ancient lands to those deemed least

Our Father’s plan from birth


  From time eternal til the end

This baby grew full measure

Salvation’s Perfect King and Friend

The world’s most valued Treasure


No eye could see nor even think

Such bold and cosmic love

Could appear in one mere blink

Invading from scenes above


Let us sing with laughter full of bliss

Let us dance upon the trees

For Christ has Triumphed with one kiss

While setting mankind free


Our Shining One has broken through

Delivered us from pain

He’s recued us and made life new

The Father’s greatest gain


Our hearts will soar

Our bodies leap

When trumpets shout and roar

For Jesus whom we long to greet


We’ll get to hug His feet


The Shining One is my heart’s desire.  I love Him more each day. 

From the rising of the sun til setting of the same, I’ll answer Love’s true call. 

His whisper I will pause upon to hear what next He’ll say. 

Heightened expectation brings moments filled with awe.

 Never will my heart escape from Love’s pure grasp and hold. 

I know He’s always watching me, waiting to exchange. 

His heart for mine, my heart for His, the greatest trade around.

 Such joy does fill my heart with bliss, just thinking of His smile. 

Whenever darkness seeps inside, and I am all alone.  I think of what He’s done for me, and tremble at the throne. 

Such love divine, such beauty known, encases all my being.  For truly no one ever held my soul in perfect peace. 

When I see Him face to face, my heartbeat races throughout space.  The thought that He is Shepherd King explodes within my mind.

The Lion and the Lamb enfold me once again. 

As I lie here in-between the full blown love of God, there never ever could be, a safer comfort place.

The Shining One
by Ginny Hurley

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