Christmas is all about miracles, right?  After all, Miracle on 34th Street made it to the classic movie list for this time of year!  The reason we celebrate, the birth of Jesus, is an absolute miracle that the son of God was born of a virgin.  The miracle of birth, the miracles of divine healing, the miracle of the moonlit sky on a cold night, and the miracle of winter snow falling from the sky – it’s all quite breathtaking and spectacular!

But what about the seasons in life where it seems like

anything BUT miracles are happening? 


Maybe this Christmas, you have a family member suffering that you’ve been praying for now, for years, and she’s still sick.  Perhaps there’s been a death in the family and the miracle of healing you prayed for never came.  There are miracles we all pray for that we don’t see happen in this lifetime, and our miracle meter is very low in the faith area, and in the reality area.   I recently had a friend tell me, “I’ve given up on miracles.” 

A few weeks ago, I felt quite down myself about prayers for big things that I wasn’t seeing happen.  And I often take on the sadness of others, so when they grieve, I grieve right along with them, in a big way…

However, this particular day some little things happened that made my day. 

I wish I’d written them down, but they were small kindnesses that people showed me, I found an item in a store - the last one – and I grabbed it.  And I think someone called me with an encouragement, and maybe one more thing…I so wish I could recall!  And I felt this little whisper that reminded me, “Thank me for the small miracles.”

Now, who’s to say which miracles are small and which ones are big?  We, we all do!  Big miracles are the ones we want and desire to celebrate, like finding a winning lottery ticket under our tree this Christmas.  I bet we’d all say that’s a big miracle!  Having a friend walk in, right out of a wheelchair, well that would make some of us faint with joy!  And the truth is, that one day all of our big miracles WILL HAPPEN.  We lose sight of that fact that he WILL make all things right, in HIS time.

Until that day, we experience many, many “small” miracles every moment, that when we take note of them, we will smile and have a merry heart this time of year…

Last Sunday, I was at church in the kitchen (I’m never in there) and I saw the church phone (on the wall) and heard it ring.  It seemed odd for someone to be calling at that time, so I tried to answer it (the phone had lots of buttons) but I didn’t know which button to push!  I saw on the caller ID that the woman calling was named Lisa Penson (not her real name, I changed it for this article).  I was sad that I wasn’t able to answer the call, but oh well…and I left the kitchen and church started.

We are on the prayer team and were called forward at the end of the service and this lady in the audience caught my eye.  Again, something I never do, I actually felt like I was supposed to go hug her (this stranger!) and tell her that God would not disappoint her.  Reluctantly, I walked back and did that, and then I introduced myself.  She told me her name, “I’m Lisa Penson.”  Imagine my surprise as I then asked her if she had called the church earlier and she said, “Yes!”

I left church that day thanking Him that I happened to be in the kitchen and saw the phone ring and noted the name, and that He cared enough for that lady to whisper in my ear that she needed a hug, and that we actually introduced ourselves and I found out her name!  That all may sound like a coincidence, but I say it was a miracle.

It’s things like that we can observe in everyday living, when we just live and love Him and love others, and wait in faith…until those big miracles appear when the darkness moves back and the sun rises again.

Are you looking for a miracle?  I bet there are lots of small ones just waiting to happen today…this month of the miracle season. 


Look for them, take note, and be merry.

by Marcy Lytle

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