I could cite reasons for why singing is good for you, health-wise.  Seriously, there are many benefits to your body, soul, and mind when you sing.  And I could list all sorts of maladies known to mankind and end up depressing us all.  But for the sake of this article, I’m just going to speak personally on how melodies have helped my own maladies, time and time again.  It might be one of the best Christmas exchanges you can make this month.  No, singing might not make the malady disappear (although it might), but it will lift the weight of it from your shoulders.

  • Listening to music (if the lyrics are uplifting) can brighten a sour mood and bring me out of my slump.  When wrapping Christmas gifts, I love to have music playing in the background.  Music that talks of joy, the wonderful Prince of Peace, Emmanuel, and the hope of heaven all make me smile while I cut and tape and place a tag for that person and this one.

  • Singing a melody out loud while I’m decorating, cooking or cleaning makes the mundane become joyful.  It releases some of the tightness in my chest and the angst in my soul over the maladies in the world around me.  Especially when I sing about the name of Jesus, it lifts Him higher over all the things that seem impossible and bleak.  And that’s a wonderful thing.

  • Listening to music in the car, while driving across town in the traffic of the season, waiting in one red light after another, is soothing and stills an anxious soul.  Especially listening at night, with the taillights and headlights shining bright, and in neighborhoods where lights adorn houses, listening to music sets the tone for a silent night…where miracles happen.

  • Singing with others in a congregation, and hearing the voices of a crowd come together to sing one theme, and one theme alone – that God loves me – is powerful.  I can enter a building selfish and angry at the fears and the failures of the week, only to be escorted to a place of faith and hope in a matter of minutes when I join in a chorus to sing the truth about how he loves me and is a good, good Father.

  • Listening to the sights and sounds of the season at a play or a musical or a performance by little kids sends the maladies of the world to the place where they should be – in His hands for healing and safekeeping until all will be right again and whole.  Hearing a rendition of “Messiah” or even to the joy of “Jingle Bells” sends my soul soaring right past all of those thoughts of gloom and despair.

  • Singing when I don’t feel like singing, lifting up a melody from my own heart without words (or with words) in the still of the night, or early in the morning, can make my tired body feel energized and healthy and strong.  Singing does that, you know.  It lightens the step and eases the pain, whether it’s mental, physical or spiritual.

  • Listening to my Father sing over me (he does that, did you know?) his songs of deliverance, songs of joy and hope and a future, songs of good and not evil, songs of a love that’s stronger than death, all makes my frown turn upside down into a smile.  And a smile is healthy for my countenance, my face, and my skin. 


Are you suffering from one of the maladies of ill health, or weighed down with all the maladies present in this world at large, or even in the world around you personally?  Try focusing on good melodies this season and sing them loud.  Listen to them daily.  Mediate on the lyrics that come straight from the Word, because his Word is truth.  And see if you don’t feel healthier and find yourself skipping in the kitchen, jumping in the family room, or grinning from ear to ear at all the good cheer you’ve just sank deep into your soul…

Merry Christmas

Melodies for Maladies
by Marcy Lytle

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