Hebrews 11:1


Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and

certain of what we do not see.


Did you know that we can expect good in some form every single day?


God loves to lavish all kinds of blessings on us, since he is such a good God. But there is a difference between expectancy and expectations. We know that we can expect good but not necessarily be guaranteed of what that will look like.


A guest speaker at one of the churches I attend showed an interesting video that illustrates this concept. The Coca Cola Company decided to bless a particular college campus once, and the video showed various students purchasing cokes out of the machine. One student put her money in, and cans just kept coming out, more than she could hold, so she just began handing them out. Another student's drink came, but was then followed by a pair of hands holding a pizza! And another student got a soda and a 20-foot long submarine sandwich!

(photo courtesy of Doug Gephardt)

After I saw that, I told God that I want my submarine sandwich out of the Coke machine. That very morning, one of the guests at the hotel where I work gave me a beautiful and very large covered cat litter box…so unexpected and so much better than the small open tub I'd been using!


I made the same request to God again on the way to work the next day, and one of the delivery men just a few hours later very respectfully asked me if I would like to have lunch with him sometime. Another very flattering surprise that wouldn't have happened if I hadn't come to work!


The following week was also full of unexpected praise and positive situations I would have never foreseen, and I'm sure I noticed them more because I was watching for them! I think God likes it when we tell him that we're ready to be blown away by his goodness. 


When I start to feel that life is predictable, it helps so much to keep in mind that God is full of fun surprises.


I wonder what he will do tomorrow?

Good  Surprises
by Pam Charro

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