What are you giving your kids this Christmas? 


I know that the kiddos in our family are getting toys, books, and all sorts of fun things, which I hope every kid gets!  However, we as parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, want to give our kids lasting goodness as well, right?  We want them to be hopeful in a hopeless world, thankful in an ungrateful society, and to know that there’s a future that’s good in a scary, evil nation.

How in the world can we give our kids a happy ending for Christmas?  Is there such a thing?

Hallmark movies offer happy endings, and it’s why they’re so wildly popular.  But even those wholesome stories don’t ever mention God or Jesus, but rather the universe and fate.  But I don’t know about you, I don’t want my future and my life to be held in the cosmos…do you? 

Cartoons and kids storybooks often end well, making our kids smile as they drift off to sleep.  But then there are also classic kid stories like Hansel & Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood that have horrible endings.  What’s up with that?

There’s a rising star in the music world, a young girl that sings lyrics that attract the masses.  In fact, tween girls everywhere are flocking to her concerts.  I recently asked an older teen about Billie Eilish’s songs and one replied to me that kids identify with this singer because she sings about how hopeless this world is, and “It is!” said this same person. 

Our kids are now being taught safety in terrorism attacks, they’re confused about what gender they are, their families are broken, and they’re being pulled into drugs, sex, and so much more…and we know that there is no happy ending when angst and fear and confusion reign.

So this Christmas…let’s given them a happy ending under the tree, in their ears, over their minds, and etched into their hearts. 

How can we do that?

  • Tell them the story of Jesus and his love.

  • Tell them that they are wonderfully made and beautiful.

  • Tell them that Jesus forgives and saves us from sin.

  • Tell them that nothing is impossible with God.

  • Tell them that God is love.

  • Tell them that they are the apple of His eye, even when others make fun of them.

  • Tell them that He’s a good, good Father, even when earthly fathers abandon.

  • Tell them that He provides everything we need, when we seek Him first.

  • Tell them about heaven, and surety of that being our destination when we believe.

  • Tell them about miracles and faith and standing in storms.

  • Tell them about how God works all things together for good.

  • Give them hope every day, because He is our hope.

  • Give them kindness and love, yet discipline and instruction.

  • Give them an example of how to love the unlovely, the lonely, and the outcast.

  • Give selflessly to others, as they watch and learn.

  • Give a listening ear and a helping hand.

  • Give time, play, and joy.

  • Give them the gift of a healthy parent, emotionally and physically.

  • Give them the truth that when trouble comes, Jesus is near, and there’s no need to fear.


In other words, read the Word, see what it says about their heavenly Father and his plans for them and the future of their lives, and reiterate that truth over and over again until they believe it, and you do, as well. Little ears don’t have to hear the news of the latest fire outbreak, stabbing, or rape.  They don’t need to listen in on our conversations where we rant about the office and the nation and odd people.  They don’t prosper when they listen to nastiness, hatred, and hopelessness in music, and in shows that they watch.

But they will see and soak and soon slide into hopelessness if we aren’t vigilant and give them what they need most of all – a happy ending to this journey called life. 

Every night in the month of December, speak truth and give them hope. 

It’s the best gift of the year…and every day of our lives…and should be at the top of our wish list for all.



A Happy Ending
by Marcy Lytle

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