Remodeling.  Have you ever done it? 


It starts with a vision of what you want the space to look like, and then the tearing out of the old begins.  It’s nasty, it’s hard work, and often during the process there’s this thought, “Can I really do this, and do I even want to finish?”  But then…when the remodel is complete there’s the beautiful sigh as you stare in unbelief at the transformation that has taken place…

There’s a big Target near our house and it’s the one where we shop often, because who doesn’t love Target?  However, several months ago the entire store underwent a massive renovation.  Items were moved and shelves were relocated, there were huge trailers outside in the parking lot, and there was even a restroom placed on the sidewalk, while the inside ones were being redone!  It was a big pain to shop there for a while.  In fact, we went to another Target when we found out that the remodel was going to take until October to be completed!

Sometimes, we stepped inside just to see the progress.  It seemed like it took forever, and for a while it didn’t seem that much was being done.  However, we couldn’t see behind the walls, what was happening at night when the store was closed, and we certainly had no vision of what they were creating.

But thankfully, someone did have a vision! 

Fast forward to just before the holiday season began and a big sign emerged on the wall outside the store that said “Newly Remodeled.”  Of course, that sign invited everyone in, new and old shoppers alike, to see the transformation.  And wow, it was amazing!  There were new displays, new lighting, more products, inviting colors, and more…all on new floors with a new look from top to bottom!  We have wandered around several times just to see all of the new, and to marvel and shop and enjoy.

What’s my point in sharing this story?

Being a woman that loves Jesus, I know that he’s always transforming me into his image of a loving, caring person so that others will see and believe and be changed.  But just like that store, and just like home remodels, the vision has to be there first.  And He has that vision.  He’s had it since I was created and he never lets go of the vision of the beautifully restored lady that he has in mind, one whose life reflects his beauty and grace.

There are times when he gently shifts one part of my life to a different placement, or he changes a lightbulb in my head so that I finally understand things, or he even rips out an old idea and replaces it with a new and improved one about His character.

And then…there are those massive remodels where he almost closes all of my doors and works on the inside to completely remake and clean up and transform every corner, every aisle and every display so that the new emerges and invites a whole new crowd to see.  That kind of renovation is painful, takes time, and looks nasty in our own eyes as we wait in the shadows and wonder what in the world He’s doing in the dark of the night.

This I do know, though.  His plan is to hang that “newly remodeled” sign on our walls as well, one that says “I’ve been changed for the better,” so that curious eyes want to see and wander.  They want to take note of how we’re different…and they just might be interested in the “product” we’re selling – that grace and love from a Father that’s good.

There have been a few times in my life where I’ve felt that shift of a massive remodel, haven’t you?  So if you’re in the middle of one, just be patient and await the end results with bated breath…because it’s going to be quite amazing and breathtakingly beautiful and wonderful.  He’s got the vision and the power to make it so, especially when the lights are off and all is dark…

Newly Remodeled
by Marcy Lytle

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