I think I’ve mentioned in the past that decorating in general, in such a tiny space and with paper thin walls, has been very difficult. I’ve tried to come up with some creative ideas, but I’m not sure that I’m doing so well with it.

I do have some of those command sticky strips to hang a few items but if the weather gets too hot or humid, everything falls off! So it’s not worth it to keep much hanging around.

For Christmas, I hang some yarn from one end of the weird accordion blinds and clip with a paper clip to the other end. I use this to hang up the cute Christmas cards we get throughout December. I must say everything is very flimsy, so we don’t look at anything in the wrong way or it may fall or break!

We constantly hear weird noises. Someone might shut the front a little too hard and glasses then slide around in the cabinets and break.   My kid’s pillow could hit the box fan and then the fan hit him or hit the floor in the middle of the night!   Or perhaps it’s the wooden frame I have hung randomly, falling to the floor.

I believe more things have been broken in this tiny 325 square feet than in our 2500 square foot home!

Anyway, back to the decorating...

I bought us a tiny tree for inside that I let the kids decorate with some ornaments they like.  Then we do get a real Christmas tree for outside and decorate some more random trees in the yard.

I don’t know this year where we will put the tiny tree, now that we have a giant dog crate in the living room! Maybe on top of that?

I started getting holiday hand towels for each occasion to try and spruce things up a bit since the decorating is very minimal. I’m hoping to be able to add some fun pillows to the room too, this season. I also try and get some decorative holiday paper plates and napkins for the kids to have a little fun with, as well!

Any ideas are welcome on how to spruce a tiny space!


Spruced Up
by Leyanne Enterline

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