Some of us are now working at home and being together with our spouses for hours and hours a day, at night, on the weekends, and we quite enjoy it – BUT then there are those days when we want to scream and run away.  Am I right?  I think we’ve had a few of those, even though the joy of being together has far outweighed the annoyances. But here are a few examples, in case you can relate:

I’m about to make lunch and he decides to come to the counter to clean his coffee pot, and gets in my way.  I just want him to sit down and wait until I’m finished.

We’ve prepared said lunch and we’re sitting down to watch a show while we eat, and somehow I see every little thing he does, from licking his fingers to smacking his lips.  I’m sure he’s not doing anything different than before, but my ears and eyes are way too sensitive!

I’m looking at my phone, taking a break, and he is too, but we don’t want the other one to know that we’re not being “productive” and we don’t want the evil eye for how we’re spending our down time…

I retreat to the bedroom when he’s in the front room, so that I can talk to my sister without him hearing and chiming in responses from the background.

He remarks on something in the house that’s been there for years, as if it’s new and different, and I sigh and roll my eyes.

Have I listed enough examples of this togetherness and all that it brings?

It’s now been months of this, and we’ve found a few tricks to still being in love at night after all day together, all week together, and all that jazz!

  • Communication is key.  Talking about our expectations and irritations has helped both of us to see and be aware of time and space…and words and looks.

  • Separating into different rooms isn’t a bad thing.  It can be good to pick corners and go there, for a few hours…then return together later in a better mood.

  • Listening to each other work brings insight on the pressures of each person’s work, and appreciation for each other grows.

  • Realizing the need to get out of the house is so important, as he and I both walk, go through a drive-thru, sit near an open field or in a parking lot to eat and people watch.

  • Sunshine and a breeze change the entire atmosphere of the home when we return after a brisk walk.

  • Weekends with planned activities bring order, anticipation and fun to the week’s end of work, work, and work…at home together.

  • Hugs cannot be forgotten, and neither can the kisses, as they send our hearts soaring.


Hope your togetherness hasn’t brought you pain, but rather much gain.  I wonder what 2021 holds and what else we will learn?

by Marcy Lytle

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