I’m not usually happy with date night at home.  But I’ve had to learn to be more so, this past year.  Dinner and a movie on the sofa all evening is not appealing to me, sometimes. I like to be busy, have purpose, do something fun, and sometimes staying at home seems lackluster and boring.  I know you can relate, because we’ve all been home so much!  So we’ve put together five date nights at home this December that we hope you’ll enjoy and try!  After all, home is where the heart is…right?  We’ve even included ideas for what to wear!


Lights around Town – Pick a few neighborhoods, pack up a car picnic, and set out to look at lights.  This is a yearly tradition for many with children, but why not just the two of you, as well?  In your picnic basket include cranberry chicken salad sandwiches and a fruit salad, as well as some Jr Mints (Christmas ones!).  Make this date last as long as you like, and why not wear all black and white, with a touch of red, just for fun!

Wrapping and Snacking – Make Oreo candy cane bark together and place in the fridge.  Set out the gifts and have a wrapping party.   For snacks, put together a food board (see recipe on the TIPS page!)  Set up your card table, get out your wrapping supplies and enjoy the gifting.  Talk about each person you’re wrapping for, and what you love about them.  Consider wearing your ugly Christmas sweater or Santa Hat, or jingle bells, for this date night in.

Fireplace Chat – Even if you don’t have a fireplace, you can light candles in a group, so that you have a flicker nearby.  A fireplace chat is usually a “ask me anything” type venue, so ask away!  If you need help, print out some great couples questions for ideas.  Have soft Christmas music playing in the background.  For your meal, why not make a pizza together with yours and his toppings, and lay out a blanket for your tablecloth?  For this date night in, consider wearing your favorite pajamas and Christmas tee, and socks!  Don’t have the socks? Hit the Dollar Tree before date night!  (We’ve included questions below!)

Carols and Chips – If you’re not going caroling with others, carol with the two of you! Each pick five Christmas carols and have them ready on your playlist/Bluetooth speaker.  Before each is played, say why you like that carol.  Prepare chips/dips ahead of time.  Mad Dash Mixes has so many cool and easy dip mixes, and stop by World Market for some interesting chips!  While there, pick up a seasonal tin of Christmas cookies!  When you’re finished listening, put on a Christmas movie and snuggle in.  For this date night in, pull out your favorite sweater/jeans/sneakers for a comfy night at home.


Cozy Sips and Bites – Dress up for this date!  And head out in the car, dressed to the nines!  Play your route for your cozy sips and bites. Peruse takeout menus and make three orders to be picked up curbside – a great appetizer, an entrée, and coffee/pastries to go.  Between each stop, pull over for snapshots (take your tripod) at pretty sites, so you can enjoy the pictures or print them out/post later.


Life with him can still be fun even if places are closed, and not as much is available to do.  So make it happen, and share what you did! Merry Christmas!

December Romance
by Marcy Lytle

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