I have this really pretty blue chair that sits in the corner of my bedroom.  I bought it as an accent piece, and rarely sit in it. Most of my days are spent across the room in my work chair next to my desk, one of those chairs with rolling wheels, a firm back, sitting atop a hard piece of plastic on the floor to protect the carpet. My view while I’m working is nice, since I’m by both windows, and I can see out back when our flowers bloom or when showers fall.

However…the other day I actually thought to myself, “Why don’t I sit in that pretty chair?”  I did buy it because it’s a beautiful shade of deep teal/navy, but it has a nice round back, there’s a lamp nearby, and it would be a great spot for reading.  I walked over, and when I sat down and leaned back, I looked at my room from a viewpoint different than the view from the other chair.

The other chair is up against a desk, against a wall, so even though the view out the windows is pleasant; I don’t see any of my room while I’m working.  When I sat in the blue chair, I saw my nicely made bed, the big mirror above our drawer, a pretty metal rusty wreath I’ve had forever that my niece gave me, and all sorts of things – a totally different view.

It was a simple action, but one that really caused me to pause and breathe, and take note of the new viewpoint from the new chair.  It wasn’t that the view was better, but it was different, and allowed me to see things I don’t see from the position of the chair where I work.

I couldn’t shake that experience, and I thought of the New Year 2021, that is coming up so quickly.  Everyone talks about how 2020 has been SO LONG, so weird, and so depressing. 

In other words, we’ve been sitting in the same chair with the pandemic view for quite a while now, and even though we catch glimpses of beauty outside our windows, we’re still facing a wall that seems immovable.

I’d like to propose the idea that there’s another chair in our “room” where we can move to sit, one that’s made for reading, lingering, looking and thinking…that perhaps we’ve forgotten about.  It’s across the room, away from the pandemic view, and it’s got a comfy cushion calling our names.

It’s positioned to where we see other things around us, like that friend that needs a call, those neighbors that would love a wave, that nice gift we were gifted, that blessing we’ve forgotten, and all sorts of things that have been around us all the time, but with our chair against a wall – we forgot to see them!

I have felt days of loneliness, a bit of depression, and just listlessness this past year, as yet another report of doom and gloom filled the air, more and more good times with friends slipped away, and it seemed as if life was bleak.  But life is anything but bleak!  There’s ALWAYS a chair in another corner! However, we have to stand up, walk across the room, and choose to take a seat.

I thought on this further and remembered Psalm 23 where it says He has a table spread for us (in the presence of our enemies!). That tells me that he’s pulled out a chair and invited us to sit, even in the middle of the ominous darkness around us, and if we do – we will eat, see the full table, and turn away from the dark shadows that lurk around us. 

Go on.  Get up out of the same chair you’ve been in since March 2020 and look around your room.  Turn away from the wall that you too have been facing, and take a seat so that you can have a different view where you notice all the things you’ve missed all year.

Hope hangs on your walls

Peace sits at your feet

Comfort is always nearby

Light rests above your head

It’s almost a New Year, folks.  Time to scoot out, stand up, walk across the room, and settle in, in a new place…a chair that’s been custom made and set in place…for a new view.

A New View
by Marcy Lytle

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