by Marcy Lytle

It was late on a Monday afternoon and I sat at my desk facing the front window of my house, where the sun was starting to set.  I felt drawn to be still and close my eyes for a few minutes and just listen.  These are the things I heard:

  • A dog bark

  • Cars drive by

  • The whirr of a motorcycle

  • Ice dropping in the fridge

  • A voice on the sidewalk


I kept my eyes closed and faced forward and could feel and sense the light, shining on my eyelids.

I thought about the other kind of “traffic” I’d heard earlier today:

  • The health report for Texas

  • New social media platforms that are growing

  • Unrest with the election results

  • Influencers and the latest must-haves

  • My own voice of condemnation for eating too much lunch


Sometimes, we pull up in shady spot in a park and nap, but we are unable to do so if there’s too much traffic nearby, like:

  • Slamming doors

  • Playing children

  • People talking

  • Trains or trucks

  • Wind in the trees


What’s my point in sharing all of this? 

The only way the traffic doesn’t disturb in all three of those examples is if something louder drowns it out.  Uplifting music can be my choice to listen to, instead of listening to people and their opinions and statements.   We turn on the AC so the noise of the blower drowns out the outside noises, when we’re trying to rest.  And when I was sitting at my desk, I wasn’t really hearing anything except the traffic…until…

I heard his voice say:

COME – come to me when you’re weary and I will give you rest.  Lay your burdens at my feet, my yoke is easy and my burden is light.  Learn from me.  Follow me.  I am the Good Shepherd. You shall not want.  Lie down in the green pastures, and drink from the cool water where I lead you to drink.  Let my rod and staff comfort you as I steer you away from the cliff. Sit down.  Eat.  In the presence of darkness, because I am the Light.  Surely my goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life.

The traffic will settle down later tonight, less cars will be on the road, and I will lie down to sleep.  And because I sat still and listened and heard a louder voice above the din, I’ll sleep in sweet peace.  Not the peace that’s here today and gone tomorrow, but the peace that passes all understanding, because He keeps my mind quiet when I lay still and choose to listen…to His heart over me.

What’s your traffic like?  Close your eyes and listen…



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