32 years ago, I made one of the most challenging decisions of my life. After five months of studying the bible with a small group of friends, I gave my life over to Jesus. It was a complete 180 from the life I had been living, and, despite bumps and bruises along the way, was definitely one of the smartest things I've ever done. 


I'm still re-surrendering today.


The pastor at my church asked a couple of weeks ago, "Are you ready for God to clear your schedule?" He didn't get much of a response, so he moved on with the sermon for a few minutes, and then asked again, "So are you ready for God to clear your schedule?" Again, we didn't respond much, so he said, "I'm going to keep at this until you get it." I had to dig through layers of apathy, unbelief and disappointment before I realized that I had been withholding control of my life from the Lord. And the only way he is going to give me the life of my dreams is if I return that control back to him.

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Like many of you, my current life doesn't look anything like I thought it would. I have fought hard through so much difficulty and so much of my reward doesn't seem to be in sight yet. Why is it still so hard, and when can I start to be a little bit comfortable?


Without answering that question, I felt God asking for my surrender. Because, despite my disillusionment, he is still God and he still has better for me than I can ask or imagine. Maybe comfort and predictability shouldn't be the goal; maybe what God has for those of us who have been made uncomfortable blows all of that out of the water. And God is a gentleman, so he won't force this amazing life on anyone. He only asks that I trust and believe. When I consider this, what alternative do I have? I can't control all that much, anyway, so I might as well decide to give it to him.


So I recommitted myself to spending the first 30 minutes of every day in silence with him, not even asking for anything, just being in still surrender to him. And I'm now more certain than ever that my very best life still lies in front of me, because I remembered who he is and have decided to believe him.  And it’s going to be good.


Father, whatever it is, have your way.


My heart is yours.


Take it all.


My life in your hands.

I Surrender (Again)
by Pam Charro

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