And again I say, “Rejoice!”

That has actually not been my word for this season we have been in, but something I so need to continually practice.

I ended my last story with saying we will rejoice in the small things. So I started really thinking about that. I get so frustrated living so tiny and not having enough space for “things.”

But in the long run, are we closer as a family? Yes.

Do we have lots of good talks and movie nights and just hang out times? Yes.

We have nowhere to go! So when this is all over and we can spread out again one day, I’m sure I’ll look back and see what a blessing this actually was.

I am beyond thankful that my parents let us wash our clothes at their place, but does that get exhausting? Yes. Driving back and forth consistently throughout the week is a bit of a pain. But I am rejoicing in my little bit of quiet time. I try to take advantage of that drive and listen to church messages or sing praise and worship or just have some peace and quiet. It’s only a five minute drive, but with all the stinky baseball clothes that drive multiplies into maybe five, five minute drives, back and forth. So I will rejoice with my peaceful drive.

I also started to look more at my surroundings. I usually just drive to my parents’ house without paying attention, besides making sure a deer doesn’t try to commit suicide! I really feel like they play a game with me! Galloping out in front of me and the last second trying to give me a heart attack! On my drive, I started to notice the beautiful pieces of land. Most homes out here are on a couple of acres and it’s been fun to really look at what people have turned their property into. Most have beautiful homes on their land, with workshops, but some have ratty, old lake homes that have not been updated but have lots of character. Close by us there are cows, donkeys, mules, goats...so fun to see!

So when I get frustrated at our situation, I will do my best to choose to do what?



The Best Choice
by Leyanne Enterline

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