How do you wrap your gifts?  I feel like I’ve done it so many ways!  We’ve wrapped where each person has his/her own paper, or their own color of ribbon, or even their photo on their name tag!  That was a lot of work!  Some use all gift bags, so that no wrapping is involved.  That sounds lovely, except I’ve found that gift bags don’t stack very well under the tree.  And one year we had color coordinated solids and prints so that they looked pretty.

This year we’re wrapping with newspaper!  Yes, we STILL take the printed newspaper and we started saving it all a month or so ago, so that we’d have enough to wrap.  I did it to save money on wrapping paper, to be useful by recycling, and I thought the black and white would be pretty – with colorful ribbon wrapped around!

Michaels has bunches of stray ribbons in a bundle for sale, and I found some pretty colored ribbons (to match my home décor) earlier in the year, so I have a stash.  I also have some neutral bows in whites, silvers and grays.  I use only a few bows, as I’ve found that bows prohibit stacking, as well!

For name tags, I plan to just write their names on the newspaper with a thick tip marker. For placing the gifts under the tree, we put the larger boxes near the back to use as bases and stackers, and go from there.  But it could also be fun to place little piles of gifts around the entire room, so they’re not all under the tree.  It’s even fun to hide some tiny gifts among the branches of the tree!

I absolutely love wrapping gifts.  I love snacking, watching a Christmas movie, hearing the crackling of a fire or listening to holiday music…while taping and cutting and tying the ribbon round and round. 

Wrapping gifts can be so stressful, or it can be one of the most relaxing things we do this season.  So why not MAKE it relaxing.

We can:

Wrap a few gifts each night

Have a gift-wrapping date or family night

Designate one room as the wrapping room so it’s not all over the house

Wrap little gifts in fabric or bandannas (hey, I think I’ll add that to my wrap!) with twine

Leave some gifts unwrapped and just covered with a blanket

Breathe and enjoy and pray for each person as you wrap

Dance after every few gifts that are completed

Smile often and give thanks for what you can give and what will have to wait

However you wrap or don’t wrap, figure out a way to make it pleasant this year.  Don’t stress to make it perfect.   But do enjoy the giving, not of just the gift, but of the process that it takes to give that gift to the ones you love.

Pumpkin Nice
by Marcy Lytle

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