She rises, too early, because it’s so dark outside

Pots and pans and dishes wait to be filled, as well as stockings for all

A busy day ahead with lots of laughter, and sorrow, too

As there are some missing from the celebration this season, this year…

And it’s another day.

She gets busy, still giving thanks, because that’s the season that was

Now it’s the season of giving, of lights, of joy…oh and that peace

An hour or so has passed and there it is – the Light –that tells darkness to retreat

So she pulls back the curtains, raises the blinds…

And it’s another day.

She stops and pauses because there it is, the big yellow ball of fire


Just starting to emerge over the horizon, it beckons her to gaze

“Faithful,” she hears from the One who set the sun there

With a huge reminder that He’s there every morning, with new mercies and grace...

And it’s another day.

Now the house is full of aromas of baked cinnamon rolls and coffee

The kids will soon be at the door, wrapped gifts galore, under the tree

Squeals and smiles and, “Thank you, so much!” will be spoken

And heard, and spoken again, because so much has been given…

And it’s another day.

It will all be over, the papers and ribbons tossed aside, the tree will be bare

Leftovers packed and sent with those leaving, bags and hearts and stomachs full

She’ll be back in the kitchen, with same pots and pans, now washed and clean

The blinds are shut, the curtains closed, because darkness has fallen…

And it’s been another day.

But wait! She pauses again, as she nears the windows to close

There it is! A different orb in the sky, not as bright as the morning, the marvelous moon

She steps outside for just a little chill, as she wraps her shoulders and stands so still

One by one they twinkle, near and far from the orb, those other radiate lights called stars…

And it’s been another day.

She steps back in, with wonder and peace, at the Light that’s been with her

From the time she awoke and preparations began, to the time it was over and silence arrived

They’ll show up tomorrow, she knows, for He said seasons won’t cease while the earth remains

Sun will arrive, light will shine, darkness will fall, names of stars will be called…

And again, it’s another day

All year she considered, she bought and she planted, she worked with her hands

Her arms, they grew tired, but she gave and extended, in His strength from the Light

She spoke wisdom, she gave instruction, she watched over the house

And the sun and the moon and the stars they reminded her of His great care…

Another day, another day, and yet another day more.


It's Another Day
by Marcy Lytle