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Is it important to believe in the virgin birth of Christ that we tell our children, in the Christmas story? 

In Luke 1 it says an angel Gabriel visited a virgin named Mary who was about to be married to Joseph.  The angel spoke to Mary and called her favored and blessed, and told her not to fear.  She would conceive and birth a son named Jesus – he would be great and called the Son of God.  Of course, Mary asked, “How can this be, seeing I know not a man?”  And the angel told her the Holy Spirit would empower Mary to give birth, because nothing is impossible with God.  And Mary’s response was, “…be it unto me according to your word.” And the angel left.

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Back in those days, an espousal or betrothal was the legally binding part of the marriage.  It’s also believed that when Mary was espoused to Joseph, she was very young and possibly about age 14 when she was visited by the angel.  The espousal period was usually between 6 to 24 months, and when that period was over the bride could then “go home” with the husband and live as his wife.  It was during this espousal period that Gabriel visited Mary and she was found with child.

Can we stop for a moment and appreciate the human emotions that both Joseph and Mary must have felt?  Before Joseph was then visited by the angel, he must have felt betrayed that the wife of his dreams wasn’t who she appeared to be.  And how must Mary have felt, having to face the families and explain what happened to her?  God was so good to send the angel to Mary for assurance, and then to Joseph for confirmation.

This event, giving birth to the Son of God, was nothing any other woman had ever done, before or since!  Joseph was to be a father to a baby that wasn’t his, and he didn’t name the child.  It all must have looked and felt so strange…from the human side.  And yet, the very humanity of Mary and Joseph is such a critical fact of the virgin birth.  It’s what gives it credibility!  Humans could not pull of such a feat – this had to be God!

Matthew 1 tells us a virgin shall be with child, bring for a son and call his name Emmanuel, God with us.  We also read that Joseph was also visited by the angel and that he knew not his wife until she birthed her son – Jesus.

Though Joseph was a righteous man, he wasn’t sinless.  Had he sought his own way and not submitted to the word of God but planted Joseph’s own seed…that would have contaminated the holy seed, which was destined to be the Savior of the World.

This isn’t just a love story about a sweet couple, but it’s the greatest love story ever told!  A righteous God, full of wisdom, superseded the boundaries of humanity to bring about his perfect plan. A plan of salvation! A child, born of a virgin mother, raised by an earthly father, to redeem this dark and sinful world.

No wonder we love to sing, “Joy to the World! The Lord has come!”

We must believe that the virgin birth is completely true, just as it’s written.  It’s the very foundation of our belief in Jesus, that while here on earth he was fully man and fully God.  God had preserved the bloodlines traced back to Adam.  And without these facts about the virgin birth, without the perfect choice of such willing parents, without the preservation of pure blood lines, there would not have been a sinless, worthy lamb that could pay the ultimate price of his holy life for the redemption of an unholy world.

Oh, what a love story! God the Father sent his only begotten Son to be our Redeemer.

I John 4:9

By this, the love of God was manifested in us,

that God has sent His only begotten Son into the

world so that we might live through Him.


The Greatest Love Story
by Debbie Haynes
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