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We recently visited Huntsville, Texas and had a delightful three day weekend there, doing all sorts of things!  We stayed in an Airbnb near the Sam Houston Cemetery and it was the cutest and sat on a large lot on a road lined with old street lamps and huge trees.  We loved it!  When visiting a museum there, the cashier asked us why we were in Huntsville and we then told her about the Airbnb, to which she commented, “We have Airbnb’s in this town?” We chuckled as we left that this lady didn’t know her own town.  So…for date night fun this December…get to know your surroundings!

  • Is there a museum you haven’t visited?  I bet there is.  It might not be one you’d think of visiting, but do it anyway and make it a date.  Maybe it’s a small museum across town, so look for a coffee shop nearby to discuss what you learned and saw after your visit.  And make it a point to remember some of the new history you just read about together.

  • Is there a restaurant you’ve never stepped inside?  I bet there is.  Maybe it’s a clean bowl café, or Cuban food, or another type venue of eating you haven’t tried because it’s “different.” Dress up in your holiday outfits and find this place and go.  Order new things from the menu and taste.  Leave a nice tip for the server and be blessed.  Then sit in the parking lot and watch others come and go, and listen to music.

MARRIAGE - dec 2022 - date night fun.jpg
MARRIAGE - dec 2022 - date night.jpg
  • Is there an event nearby you’re unaware of?  Maybe a park is having a celebration, or there’s a market selling artisan wares, or a performance with a walk-through nativity.  Don’t let the month pass by, the month of all months with all things festive!  Look on FB for events near you, and GO.  Invite another couple to join you for the stroll or the fun, and be glad that you did!

  • Is there a neighborhood near you with amazing lights?  Sometimes these are published in the local news, if you search.  But at the very least, pack a thermos and some snacks and go for a drive to look at the lights that adorn the houses.  See how many you can find that have a blow-up in their yard! There are usually a lot!  Or look for specific items like candy canes.  Make it a hunt of sorts, for you – yes you.  Kids don’t have to have all the fun. We can!

  • Is there a bookstore in your town you’ve not been in, in a while? Maybe pick two or three, and go browse.  Look for travel books, cookbooks, novels and more…and share with each other.  Sit and sip and read if they allow.  Or just walk and browse, hand in hand.  Find bookstores that are small, not huge and popular, and step inside.  Find a hidden treasure to read together at night, something short and sweet.  And do it.

That lady didn’t know that her town hosted out of town guests in Airbnb’s, how funny that was.  But I’m betting we all don’t know many things about our own areas in which we live, and date night fun is just waiting to be had this holiday season if we just look, find and go.

Look, Find and Go
by Marcy Lytle
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