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Traditions are what make Christmas special, it seems.  Those things we look forward to each year that ground us, bring us together, warm our hearts and make us smile.  We asked the moms what traditions they have started and continue with their littles.  It’s fun to hear what everyone does and to consider picking up new traditions to add with our old ones!

Mom of Three

Traditions in the holidays are my favorite!  We always have the chocolate advent calendars.  I did that as a kid, so we keep it up with ours.  We also have a really wooden tree I purchase several years ago at a market.  It’s the family tree of Jesus, and we read the story of each person each night, leading up to the birth of  Christ.  It’s a great tradition to read the word and learn about Christ and the lineage!  It’s great because they seem to want to know more as they get older.  We also get our tree together and put up our decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving. We visit the Elgin Christmas Tree and cut it down – a tradition we do rain or shine, cold or warm weather. It’s one of my favorite things as the first part of the season, then we also watch a Christmas movie, and the kids pick out an ornament for the year.  We do events with our extended family, we love to add new Christmas events. 

Finally, on Christmas Eve we have pajamas, hot cocoa and treats and go for a looking at lights ride, through a trail or neighborhoods, etc.   On Christmas morning, we enjoy waking up at home to open presents and relax with the kids all day.  I do usually make homemade waffles on Christmas morning in the waffle iron, or cinnamon rolls, something easy…or a charcuterie style boards.  Oh, we also attend a Christmas Eve service as a family!  My husband I also pick a day to do all of our Amazon shopping and then go out on a date to finish, then a night of wrapping it all up!

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Mom of Four

For Christmas traditions, our family has a few. First of all, to start the holiday season, right after Thanksgiving we buy a real Christmas tree and as a family, we decorate it that night.  It’s so much fun picking out a tree at the Christmas Tree Farm, because hot cocoa is the drink of choice there!

When Christmas Eve finally arrives, we attend a Christmas Eve service as a family at the church. This time is so special. And when Grandmother Mimi arrives, the kids help her make homemade Christmas cookies to leave out for Santa.  The favorite? It’s mint chocolate, of course!

When we all awake on Christmas morning, we are read the entire Christmas story by Dad before opening the gifts.  And, we’re all decked out in matching pajamas we bought at Target. 

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Mom of  Two


I would start off by saying our traditions have changed over the years from when I was a kid to traditions with my grandparents and my mom and dad, to college being away from family, to being married without kids, to now having kids!  The chocolate advent calendar is a tradition that was started with my Aunt Raetta, so I continue this tradition with my kids – just a fun way starting on December 1 to countdown to Christmas.  Second tradition is a fairly new one.  We make a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas Day.  This is fun and brings back the message of why we celebrate the holiday, and we sing Him happy birthday.  A third tradition is attending a candlelit service, where we receive a special message of stillness and reflection on the meaning of Christmas and the birth of Jesus.  A final tradition is that on Christmas Day we usually have a family brunch, this was done on my husband’s side of the family – his papaw used to cook a breakfast.  So other family members have stepped up to cook now that he’s gone, after we have our personal family time on Christmas morning.  We have an extended “country cooking” Christmas brunch.

Traditions with the Kids
by Amber, Charissa and Kamrin
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