Isn’t that a funny title? 


I read it in a verse in Joshua – in one of the versions – and I found it interesting.  Isn’t any courage good?  I thought about it, and it’s not!  It takes courage to do lots of things that are dangerous, evil and harmful.  But good courage is the kind where we are relying on HIM to win our battles for us.  That’s the good kind of courage!  Life is throwing lots of discouraging things at us right now, and it’s not just going to take any old courage to make it through.  It’s going to take the good kind of courage – trusting in Him when we are weak –  because he has promised to be with us wherever we go!

Speaking of courage, this month in the family devo it’s all about that – for our kiddos – as a new school year begins.  Whether they are home or in a school building, good courage is offered to them by their good Father – and spending time as a family reciting that truth is pure gold!

Sometimes it takes courage to smile during tough circumstances, but did you know it’s just as courageous to cry?  Both are equally good for us, for our souls, and for getting to the other side of hard times.  FRESH THYME is in a rotating box on the cover, and you’ll want to read “Which One?” to discover good courage there.

Don’t you feel there are times when it’s all you can do to pray, to put on music and dance, and you just don’t have the strength?  It takes courage to lift up our heads and rejoice when we don’t feel like rejoicing, especially with Covid still lingering around whispering sickness into our ears.  But be of good courage, and read the stories on the YOU page for a quick reminder of how simple prayer and dancing can be.

In fact, every article in our August issue involves courage.  Courage to try something new in the kitchen, wear a top a new way, peel back layers and ask for healing, step out in faith with kids that are driving us crazy, and yes…even to face a new month with who knows what around the corner.

Maybe you’re thinking that those things don’t require courage, but they do.  It’s sometimes tempting to give up believing because we don’t see, and to just sit and feel depressed because we’re too weak.  And that’s okay because God is for us…always…even more so in our weakness. 

So be of good courage – not your own kind – but the courage found in leaning on the arms of the Strong Father who leads us on into good times and good spaces…

Here’s to an awesome August for us all!


Marcy Lytle

Good Courage

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