I know, last month was Thanksgiving, but I’m thinking it would do us all a lot of good to continue giving thanks this last month of the year.  I’m thinking that recalling His faithfulness in the middle of a pandemic, social unrest, an election, and all of the other 100 crazy things that we all experienced, would be a great way to end out 2020 and welcome in 2021. Would you agree?

And then…when we finish counting our blessings (can we really ever finish – because new mercies await us daily!) we can then open a new chapter for a New Year with hope and a smile!

I’m so thankful for each of our writers.  Each one brings something so special and a voice so unique, so I’m going to recall their faithfulness one by one, so you’ll be enticed to linger a while on the pages of THYME this December.

Kaelin Scott is a mom of two littles, and she’s an author of Christmas romance books!  She’s adding an extra column now called Better or Worse, along with her other one Rooted in Love.  Her stories are ALWAYS encouraging!

Pam Charro has been with us for years, and her honesty gets me every month, because she speaks what so many of us feel…and then brings us around to hope in Him…the best.

Erica Simmons took a small break, but she’ll be back in January.  She’s a fierce single mom to grown twin boys, and she’s about a real as it gets, looking at struggles and thinking them through, and leaning on His grace.

Angela Dolbear offer her unique voice in so many ways monthly, sharing her personal struggles against enjoying life to the fullest, going against the grain…and I love it!  She is an author and singer – you’ll have to check out her website!

Jennifer Lytle (she’s our nephew’s wife!) thinks deeply and invites us in with her, as she ponders and shares with us stories that makes us pause and think again.  So thankful to have her!

Bethany Gomez is sadly leaving us after December, as life calls her to other things, and we’re so excited for her.  Hannah Bouck will be taking the column and we can’t wait to see what she shares, along with her creative jewelry she makes and sells!

Dina Cavazos is a great writer, offers perspective that has been long thought over and crafted into a story that draws us in and brings peace and calm, much like her garden…so thankful for her.

Carole Gilbert finds an old adage, teaches us on the origin, and relates it to present day with her personal stories – one of my personal faves – she’s awesome.  She too is an author – with great stories to tell.

Jill Montz runs a pecan orchard – she never ceases to have stories just from that operation of life alone!  And she has the sweetest daughter, who often ends up in the stories, too.  Jill wrote a book that you moms would enjoy!

Bekah Holland took a break as well, and she’s back with us in January sharing marriage encouragement – but not clichés and Hallmark moments – but rather the real and the hard and the valleys – and then the sweetness of married life in all its dirty dishes…and glory!  Love her!

We’ve still got Debbie Haynes, a guest writer, for a few more months.  She is a pastor of a church and has been teaching on strategic women of the bible, so we get to read her notes – which are amazing!  Thanks for joining us, Debbie!

Kamrin Wolfe is our website manager and keeps us all together, fixes glitches, and keeps me sane…and encourages me often…to keep writing and sharing and obeying Him.

I’m Marcy, and I love putting together this group of women that take time to share their voices with me, to encourage you monthly in every area of your life.  I am constantly thinking (my mind never stops!) and then sharing with you my thoughts in lots of columns, because my mind is so full! Life is too short to not know Him and to not have fun!

That’s what I’m recalling, the beauty of a group of women who shared this year with me, in the middle of the chaos, and they brought smiles to all of us as we read and we rested among the pages of A Bundle of THYME.

What are you recalling and counting, as this year ends?

Recalling and Counting...

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