If anyone would have said last January that we'd all be wearing masks for nine months, no one would have believed it.  

If we would have been shown the future rioting and vandalism in our cities, we would have turned away and said, "No way."

But here we sit at the starting line of a new year, knees bent and poised for another run at another year...and we have no idea of the obstacles in our path...or the beauty up ahead.  But if there's one lesson that we've learned from 2020, it is to look at the beauty, slow down, and we'll make it past the obstacles.  Together.  With Him.

On the pages of THYME, we hope to inspire you to run this year with joy, purpose and fun.  And we are so excited to have a new writer join our team, Hanna Bouck.  She' s a newlywed, a jewelry designer, and a great writer - so check out her story on the YOU page!  We are sad to see Bethany leave us for now, but she's on to new things as well!

Maybe you're sad that the holiday season was spoiled by distancing, or you've been devastated because you've lost friends due to illness last year, or you're just lonely and blue some days - i get it!  We've all had to plow our way through some of our darkest days by finding new hobbies, trails to walk, or fast food to eat in the car.  

As a group of women of all ages, we too encountered hurdles in 2020 we never wanted to see, much less jump over!  And our legs are weak!

And yet, what has held us all together is our faith in HIM and his care over every detail of our lives.  On the TIPS page we're sharing some favorites.   There's inspiration for parents on the HOME page, and personal pep talks on the YOU page.  Does your MARRIAGE need a boost or some understanding?  What about ENCOURAGEMENT?  Our hands are up!

The fact is that we all need HIM and we need each other, even though it's easy to isolate and hibernate.  Read a story.  Leave a comment for the writer.  Share the story with a friend.  And let's run this race of 2021 with gusto, together, never alone.

What lies ahead this year?  Good things, I'm sure of that...in 2021.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him,

who have been called according to his purpose.”

Romans 8:28

Good Things

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